Practical OBOT Fighting Tip #1:

Sooo, here’s one thing to ask when the OBOTS say that it wouldn’t make any difference if Obama just coughed up the LONG FORM, because we wouldn’t believe it anyway. Well first, that is like soooo INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE!!! But we can’t say that to the OBOTS because that is how they have fun. That will just make them say it more!

Here is what you ask them instead: “Well, it couldn’t HURT Obama could it? I mean do you really believe that LESS people are going to vote for Obama because he proves he is an American??? That is really twisted thinking.

Now, if you do it this way, you are putting the stupid thinker hat back on the OBOT’s head. DUH!!! Because that really is STUPID if you think about it. If Obama coughs up the long form, and it is real, the only down side for Obama is NOTHING! There isn’t one. Nobody is going to NOT vote for him because he is American. So why doesn’t he just do it?

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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