The Illogical Obot – On Obama’s LEGAL Responsibility

Ed, the Special Obot, rode the short yellow bus to school.

If you argue with Obots (Obama’s anti-Birther supporters) enough, you begin encountering the same illogical arguments over and over. Sometime, the sheer volume of the Obot Babble is sooo great, that you don’t see the illogical core of the argument until some time later. Here is one of the Obot’s “best” arguments on why Obama shouldn’t cough up a Long Form Birth Certificate, or some other form of certified document to the PUBLIC, not just some special group.

This is the argument: Obama is under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to present any documentation of his birth. (Shades of Clinton’s “No Controlling Legal Authority!!!)

You know what??? The Obots are right. There is no LEGAL obligation, but is this a relevant answer to the question of whether Obama SHOULD cough it up??? Let’s see by applying the “Obot” answer to some other questions, and see whether we are satisfied with the response:

Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to show up at work every day.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to read Congressional Bills before he signs them.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to give a press conference.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to respond to oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to appoint good people to positions.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to pardon innocent people in federal prison.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to worry about unemployment.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to care if Americans starve.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to care if Wall Street steals money from people.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to send enough troops to a war to accomplish anything.
Obama has NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to even sign the Bills passed by Congress.

See how it works??? Legally Obama could sleep until 3:00 in the afternoon, and work one hour a day. Obama could LEGALLY play golf 8 hours a day. He would still get his paycheck. The only people who could stop any of this is Congress, and probably none of this stuff is LEGALLY “high crimes and misdemeanors.” And the answer would be to just not vote for him in 2012. So just looking at this as a LEGAL obligation or responsibility misses the point.

We Americans EXPECT more of our President. And most Presidents deliver, whether we always agree with what they do or not. Sooo, don’t be fooled by this really ILLOGICAL Obot distraction. When 58% of Americans have some degree of doubt where Obama was born, then Obama may not have a LEGAL OBLIGATION, but. . .

Oh well. Let’s see if we can get a permamarker and leave a message for him on some golf balls.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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