Don’t Touch A Hot Stove!!! Obama and the Obvious

No, it just does not take me long to look at a stove! (Mark Twain quip after he accidentally touched a hot stove and was asked if it was hot.)

One of Obama’s Apologists recently teased me saying, and I quote: “Next up squeekys blog on how you shouldn’t touch the stove while its on because fire burns! A whole blog dedicated to why you shouldn’t put metal in the microwave!” Which really IS kind of what my blog is about—COMMON SENSE STUFF!!!

I mean, if there is a question about WHERE somewhere is born, then REALLY–Isn’t it just COMMON SENSE to answer that question with a Birth Certificate??? Isn’t that just the OBVIOUS answer??? Isn’t that what the whole Birther thing is—all three years of it now??? Not as much WHERE Obama was born, as much as WHY Obama hasn’t just coughed up a Long Form Birth Certificate to the PUBLIC, and put an end to this if he was truly born in America???

Unless you are one of the Obama Apologists. Then, the BETTER answer to them is to go through 70+ lawsuits. Some all the way to the United States Supreme Court. And, to spend three years of fighting and contention over the issue. And, to end up where 58% of Americans have some degree of doubt about where their president was born. And, to see military officers sent to prison for questioning the legitimacy of the president. And, of course, to spends hours and hours of time arguing about this issue. Instead of discussing things like the Economy, jobs, unemployment, and other important things. There are entire websites devoted solely to Birther and anti-Birther issues.

Sooo, I am not offended by the remark. Sadly, it is pretty close to what I spend a lot of time saying. What should just be basic common sense. If there is a question about WHERE you are born, you cough up a Long Form and resolve the issue.

In the meantime, don’t touch the hot stove! Look both ways before you cross the street! Brush your teeth after each meal! And, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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