Now that Dred Scott Case is Dead & Buried, What’s The Next Abolitionist Fail?

Obama May Think This Drama Is "Riveting", But Not Us!!!

OH, this is kind of what the Obots are saying about the Kercher Birther case, which is not even going to be known until next week.  One of them had a thread called:

Now that The Kerchner Case is Dead and Buried, What’s The Next Birther Fail?

But like I have asked the Obots:

Lookit, First, you think whatever Kercher was about would have lost if it was heard IN COURT, right?

So, if it wasn’t heard, then it didn’t get a chance to lose in front of the court, right?

So, you are celebrating as a Obot victory, that Birther’s DIDN’T get a chance to lose IN COURT.

Plus, you are celebrating as a Obot victory, that Birther’s continue to get to complain that the courts are ignoring the law and that Obama is dodging us IN COURT.

Soooo, the Dred Scott case, which was about slavery, went to the Supreme Court, AND WAS HEARD, and still it wasn’t over. In the Kercher Birther case, it probably won’t even be heard in front of the Court, but the Obots are acting like the whole Birther movement is just TOTALLY OVER or something.

But us Birthers are NOT giving up. What was that Obama said, to have a positive attitude??? “Yes we can.”  Well, SO CAN WE!!!

Thank you Logia for getting me to think about it this way, with the slavery issue!!!

Silly Obots!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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