The Obots are Proof Obama is Hiding Something!

The Obots Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks

Whether you believe Obama was born in Kenya or not, or whether you believe all that Vattle and British Citizenship stuff or not, the fact that soooo many Obots are raising cane on a regular basis here should prove to you that something is up with Obama. That he is hiding something.

Look at all the things that happen around what should be a real simple problem. If somebody doubts where you are born, you just cough up a bumpy birth certificate, or a long form. This is not rocket science where you are trying to find some little thingy inside a atom or something. No, this is just a simple problem that has been going on for over 2 years now.

Some Obots tell you they are interested in the Constitution. but there is nothing in the Constitution to keep Obama from providing documentation to the PUBLIC.

Some Obots tell you they are just having fun. But common sense should tell you that these Obots are simply obsessed. This is not just fun for them. It is the reason for their existence. They eat, sleep, and poop Birtherism, and they wouldn’t do this unless we were on to something. Common sense people know the difference between “interests” and “obsession.”

Some Obots try to tell you that it makes perfect sense for Obama to go to court 73 times or however many, all to keep from having to cough up something that we supposedly already have a picture of anyway???

If you don’t believe us Birthers, then please believe that all the Obots are proof that something is fishy. Look at how many of them come to gretawire on a daily basis and fuss, cuss, fight, and just raise heck, all of it supposedly about something silly and non-existent. Yeah. Sure.

I say it is a hurt dog that barks! And these Obots are just yelping their heads off!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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