69 Million Americans Don’t Matter To Obama!!!

At Runnymede, King John Finally Coughed Up His Long Form Birth Certificate

If you read the Chris Matthews story here on December 28, 2010, you will see that at least 23% of Americans simply do NOT know that Obama was in America, and 20% don’t think he was. Chris Matthews doesn’t agree with Birthers, and he thinks we are crazy, but he at least has some concern for us as human beings. And, he wants Obama to cough up a birth certificate. Quoting Chris Matthews:

“”I am not a birther. I am an enemy of the birthers,” Matthews said. But, he added, “Why doesn’t the president just say, ‘Send me a copy right now?’ Why doesn’t Gibbs and Axelrod say, ‘Let’s just get this crappy story dead?’ Why not do it? … If it exists, why not put it out?”

Here is the link for that story:

Chris Matthews Asks Why Obama Hasn’t Provided His Long Form

Other people don’t think the Long Form should be put out, and one reason is that they think “crazy Birther people” make Obama look smarter, so it is a good thing politically for Obama not to do anything. Sadly, for America, Obama is one of these people. But how many people is 23% of America??? Well, if there are 300 million of us, then that is 69 MILLION AMERICANS!!!

And that is probably a whole lot less than who have doubts. Because Chris Matthews did a story back in October about 58% of Americans had some degree of doubt about where Obama was born. Which means there may be as many as 174 Million Americans with doubts. I did a Internet Article about that story, too:

Chris Matthews – The Birthers Are Beating Us With Logic

Sooo, like I have been saying for quite a while. The REAL Birther story ISN’T WHERE Obama was born, or even the Natural Born Citizen questions. The REAL Birther story is WHY. Apparently, Chris Matthews agrees with me!!!

WHY Obama hasn’t resolved what should be a very simple question to resolve. I have express the possible questions as KISS:

1. KENYA. He is born in Kenya.
2. IGNORANT. Obama is too ignorant to think of the simple answer.
3. SNOBBY. Obama thinks Americans are too stupid to believe the REAL THING!
4. SLIMY. Obama thinks it is OK to make some Americans look crazy if it gets him votes.

It is really a sad thing for America, when the nicest and least bad answer, is that our president may have been born in Kenya.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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