It Took Over 40 Years of Tobacco Lawsuits!

One Part Hope and Change to Three Parts Shellac

While all the silly Obots are carrying on today about the Kershner case, it should be remembered that it took 40 years of lawsuits until Big Tobacco was finally cornered. Sooo, maybe it isn’t insanity after all to keep after Obama in court. Plus, when you lose in court, it doesn’t really hurt anything. It just makes more Birthers! And makes Obama look guiltier! Here is some tobacco lawsuit stuff:

A Tobacco Lawsuit Primer
Francesco Barbera
Posted Tuesday, April 25, 2000,

Smokers have been suing tobacco companies since the 1950s. Until recently, they have been almost entirely unsuccessful–mainly because tobacco companies argued effectively that smoking is a personal choice and that people have known of its harmful side effects for years. That argument is proving less effective these days as plaintiffs produce documents proving that cigarette makers have known all along their product is addictive.

Here is a real long detailed article. It looks like the first tobacco lawsuit was in 1954!

1954-03-10: LITIGATION: St. Louis factory worker Ira C. Lowe files a suit, the first product liability action brought against a tobacco company. PHILIP MORRIS hired DAVID R. HARDY to defend the company against a lawsuit brought by a Missouri smoker who had lost his larynx to cancer. This case was the beginning of PM’s association with SHOOK, HARDY & BACON. The case was won in 1962; the jury deliberated one hour.

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