Kercher Case Obituary and Woman On The Street Interview

WTF Is a "Kercher???" (Sunny Lou Jones)

Kercher Case Obituary:

Today, the case known as Kercher died at wherever it was , probably the Supreme Court. Obots the world over rejoiced at the death and were seen in the streets waving flags and making those weird sounds that women in the Middle East make.

Most normal Americans didn’t even know nothing about the case and could care less.

This reporter talked to Sunny Lou Jones, a normal American, of Squeekyville, Texas, about the death of the Kercher Case:


Squeeky Fromm: So, Miss Jones, what is your opinion of the death of the Kercher Case?

Sunny Lou: The what???

Squeeky Fromm: The Kercher case, some kind of law case about Obama and his birth certificate stuff.

Sunny Lou: Oh you mean that Obama’s a usurping Kenyan!!! And that he won’t cough up his long form???

Squeeky Fromm: Yes, that. It was something about that, who knows what, but the law case died today. All the Obots are real happy about it.

Sunny Lou: You mean all those weird people down in the parade last Saturday who were in black leather and pink clothes???

Squeeky Fromm: Close, but those were the Gay Pride people. I don’t think there are any Obots in Squeekyville, but you see them on MSNBC news stuff, and they are all about to bust a gut over the Kercher case.

Sunny Lou: I watch FOX News, not that MSNBC stuff where all the people are just smart asses and don’t know what they are talking about.

Squeeky Fromm: Well those sure sound like Obots to me. Anyway, what is your opinion about the Kercher Case.

Sunny Lou: Well, if I don’t even know about it, I sure can’t have an opinion, although I do have a opinion about that Kenyan Booger in the White House!!!

Squeeky Fromm: So, is it safe to say that the Kercher Case Death hasn’t changed your opinion about Obama being a Kenyan???

Sunny Lou: Oh HELL NO!!! Who cares about some stupid law case because what I heard was that Obama keeps dodging them all anyway and has spent $27 million dollars to cover up his birth certificate in court. Me and my momma and sister and the whole family trotted to the polls on November 3, 2010, and voted against every Democrat on the thing!!! We sure showed that Kenyan rascal!!!

Squeeky Fromm: Well have you heard about that Colonel Lakin person??? The Army one who is going to jail???

Sunny Lou: Oh yes!!! I got about 10 emails about him, and how Obama still won’t cough up his birth certificate and is just going to put him in jail. That just makes me even madder he won’t cough it up!!!

Squeeky Fromm: Thank you Miss Sunny Lou Jones!!!

Sunny Lou: You’re welcome!!!


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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