Obama and Palin Square Off In An Intelligence Debate!

When You Have Problems Coughing Things Up. . .

Moderator: Tonight we have Barack Obama, President of the United States, and Sarah Palin, Momma Grizzlie present. The first question is a two part question, with Mr. Obama having the first chance to answer.

Moderator: Assume there is a question as to where you were born, whether here or Kenya. How would you handle it?

Obama: I would just have a special group put a picture of my COLB on the Internet.

Palin: I agree. That would be an easy way to handle it.

Moderator: Now, Part Two of the question. What if that didn’t work? What if there were still questions? What would you do?

Obama: Well, as the World’s Smartest President, I wouldn’t do nothing. I would let it go through 82 courts, I would put people in Leavenworth Prison, and let 58% of Americans have doubts about where I was born. I would do this even if my party was getting its butt kicked in the mid term elections.

Palin: Oh my! That sounds pretty stupid. The bumpy ones only cost $10, so I would just get a hundred or so of them and turn them loose in Public. I sure wouldn’t let it turn into a big deal.

Moderator: Audience, you get to decide who is smarter here.

Presented by:

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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