Martin Luther King and Obama

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Well, today is the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. He was killed years before I was born, so everything I know about him, I learned in school or the internet.  We learned the “I Had A Dream” speech. But one thing sticks out in my memory, and it is one of my teachers telling us how the Southern politicians of the day used race as a tool to get votes. There was one of them, George Wallace, who was kind of moderate, but lost a election, and came right out and said that he wouldn’t get “out negroed again” or something like that.  And he didn’t. In other words, the political gain outweighed the morality.

Sooo, now I have to take a look at President Obama.  Most of his supporters claim that his reason for not resolving the birthplace question is political–that Obama gains a political advantage  if people think his opponents are crazy conspiracy nuts. That is the reason Obama doesn’t just cough up a long form birth certificate and resolve the issue.  No matter if this divisive issue just drags on for years, multiple lawsuits come and go, and military officers end up in prison. In other words, the political gain outweighs the morality.

So maybe Martin Luther King didn’t die in vain. Perhaps now In 2011, black politicians can be just as slimy as white politicians. Somehow, I don’t think that was the Dream Martin Luther King had in mind.

Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


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