Obots and Vattel Birthers – The Same Denial of Reality!!!

The Nile Is A Long River, With Many Treacherous Stretches

One thing that I have noticed as I have read, and debated my way through the Birther Question, is that the Obotski (Obots aka Obama Supporters) and the Vattel Birthers share exactly the same mindset of a DENIAL OF REALITY. First, I am NOT a Vattel Birther or 2 citizen parent Birther.  I believe the law, whether right or wrong, is very clear that if a person is born on American soil, then that person is a Natural Born Citizen (NBC), eligible to be president.  Sooo, if Obama was born in Hawaii, or Connecticut, then he is eligible to be president. Period.

See my Internet Article, Vattel Birthers Should Just STFU!!!:


The Internet Articles and threads on forums where the Vattel Birthers battle the Obots are always long, and boring, and it is always the same old stuff over and over.  And they all end the same way,  with the Vattel Birthers just getting CREAMED!!!  This is pretty easy for the Obots to do, because there is one law case where it just says in ONE SENTENCE, that if you are born here, you are a natural born citizen, and there is not a intermediate third kind of citizen.  These arguments are such a wipeout, that I  have long suspected that many Vattel Birthers are really Obots, in disguise, doing this to make the rest of us Birthers look TOTALLY stupid.

This occurs because the Vattel Birthers make a really bad fundamental mistake in reasoning. They take this one Supreme Court case back in 1898, Wong Kim Ark, and maintain that this case was decided wrongly, and if only in 1898, the Supreme Court  had believed differently, then the Vattel Birthers would be absolutely right.  And  things would be different today, in 2011.

In short, the Vattel Birthers attempt to rewrite history. They even cite legal references from BEFORE the Wong case, as if the Wong case never happened.  And you kind of feel sorry for them, because they just don’t seem to be living in the REAL world of 2011 where the Wong case didn’t say what they want it to say,  nor any subsequent legal case either. In other words,  a DENIAL OF REALITY. One may not agree with a particular legal decision, but it is law until it is changed.

Now, before getting to the Obots, some brief history. Back in July 2008, Obama released his short form birth certificate to a special group, to address questions of his place of birth. The group did not authenticate the document, but simply put a PICTURE on the Internet. The document had no independently verifiable  information on it. Rightly or wrongly, it  just wasn’t what many people were expecting. Where was the Doctor’s name,  the hospital, and maybe even a little Obama footprint???

Since then, the questions have only grown. There were two birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers which said WHEN the president was born but not WHERE.  All that was given was his parents’ or grandparents’ residential address, and all parties agree the president was NOT born at home.  As I have often said, Obama could have been born in Las Vegas when his parents were on vacation. Hawaiian officials have stated the short form document was real, but have disclosed no other verifiable information. Strangely, and for no discernible reason, the president either won’t or can’t produce a long form version of the document. This, even though Polls consistently indicate nearly 60% of the country has some degree of doubt where Obama was born.

BUT, the PUBLIC,  much like the actors in the CARFAX commercials, keep getting the run around instead of simply getting the BIRTHFAX, the long form version.  A one page document. At this point, three years after the questions first arose, the president’s refusal to cough up the long form version is the chief reason why the issue persists.  Most people just wonder why if Obama has it, he doesn’t just cough it up and end this.

This is where the Obots make the same fundamental mistake in reasoning as the Vattel Birthers. When pressed on the lack of a long form, the Obots flatly state that there is no problem, and that Obama released his birth certificate, back in July 2008.   The Obots maintain that the un-believers decided wrongly, and if only in 2008, they had believed differently, that the short form document was sufficient, then the Obots would be absolutely right.  And  things would be different today, in 2011.

In short, the Obots attempt to rewrite history. They ignore poll after poll which shows widespread levels of doubt about the president’s place of birth,  almost as if there were no Birthers or questions at all.   And you kind of feel sorry for them, because they just don’t seem to be living in the REAL world of 2011 where many people simply do not agree with them. In other words, a DENIAL OF REALITY. One may not agree with the Birthers,  but that is their belief  until it is changed.

But the Obots seem to suffer from an even more disturbed level of mental functioning than the Vattel Birthers, because the Obots are actively involved on a day to day basis in the  Birther debate.  One wants to ask them if there is no problem, then why are we having this discussion??? It is as if a fireman denied the existence of fire, while he was in the middle of fighting a 5 alarm fire.

Go figure.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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