Birth Certificate Fraud – Government Report

Some people think it is paranoid to think it possible a birth certificate could be forged.

Here is a 31 page report from the Federal Government on Birth Certificate Fraud:

Head Researcher


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2 responses to “Birth Certificate Fraud – Government Report

  • Robert Gamble

    Reality not documents.
    Is there ANY evidence that Obama was born elsewhere than in Hawaii?
    With journalists, biographers, birthers going over everything about his life, something should have turned up by now.
    When the Constitution was written, I don’t think there was a “birth certificate” system, it was just that everyone knew where the potential candidate was born.
    Robert Gamble

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi RobertG!!!

      I think he was born in Hawaii. I was just moving this Internet Article from being a separate “page” to being an article. I guess it shows as being “published.”

      Since it is the holidays, I am cleaning up the website and plus I did a new mission statement to start trying to end all these birth certificate questions in addition to de-bunking the Vattle Birthers.

      It is just time for ALL this Birther stuff to be over.

      I will be moving legacy Internet articles to this website here for history, so check the date. I am “back dating” these to when they first published. I am clearing all the Birther stuff off my other websites.

      Spring Cleaning in Autumn.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

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