Hell Freezes Over – Dr. Conspiracy Admits Birthers Had A Good Argument!!!

Sometimes, The Road To Hell Is Paved With Confirmation Bias

OH MY!!! After countless hours debating my KISS Matrix at Obama Conspiracy, aka Obotski Central, and being called countless names by all the GroupThinking Obotski there; After countless hours of me calmly and  rationally explaining that coughing up the long form was imminently sensible; and,  After countless hours of me logically demonstrating that, at the very least, no harm could come from its release— finally, Dr. Conspiracy himself admits the Birthers had a good argument.


It has been my longstanding view that the birthers only had one true argument to suggest Obama was hiding something on the long form birth certificate. . . But there is one thing that is true: up until April 27, 2011, Barack Obama refused to release his long form birth certificate.

Among those reasonable folks who doubt Obama’s place of birth, I have had some success disproving specific false claims, but it always in the end comes down to an argument like: “If Obama’s long form really said what he claims, then he would release it, so his not releasing it makes me believe that the long form has a major problem.”

That argument doesn’t work any more, leaving the reasonable folks satisfied. [Positive Poll Results Omitted here]

Full Internet Article at the Link:



What did I try to tell you for so long??? Congratulations on finally figuring it out.  Really, I mean that. But if you are on a journey of personal discovery, you need to ask yourself this:  How did you and the other Obots ever get sooo deluded as to think that presenting the long form would be ineffective in resolving the biggest part of this???

I will give you a hint. Start with Confirmation Bias.

And, if school is really in session at Obama Conspiracy, ask yourselves this: Why didn’t Obama release the long form PRIOR to the mid term elections in November 2010, when all the polls indicated a possible rout of the Democrats???

Who knows. You guys may end up at the KISS Matrix yet.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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