The Obotski: Still Stuck In HIGH DUDGEON!!!

Birthers! Get The Birthers!!!

First, Enquiring Minds want to know, what is HIGH DUDGEON??? This is a term that is used to describe INTENSE INDIGNATION.

Here it is, almost 2 weeks after Obama finally coughed up his long form birth certificate. Things have quieted down and polls indicate that the number of people who had reasonable suspicions about where Obama was born have dropped in half, or more.

Yet, the Obotski are still in HIGH DUDGEON with numerous articles slamming Birthers, and most stating that Birtherism was never anything but racism in disguise. But, as Daniel Foster of NRO (cited in the above link) noted:

I can’t tell you how often I heard the argument from liberal colleagues that the relatively high number of self-identified conservative Birthers found in some polls implicated the entire conservative coalition as hopelessly racist, and that since Birtherism is rooted in President Obama’s perceived “otherness,” no amount of evidence could ever change our Bible-thumping backward redneck minds.

Boy oh boy, if that’s true, then Obama’s decision to release his long-form birth certificate accomplished a feat on par with — nay, greater than — killing Osama bin Laden: it made America dramatically less racist overnight!

Maybe the REAL reason for all the Obotski indignation is to cover up their own EPIC FAIL at making idiotic excuses and phony justifications for three years of dereliction by Obama.  One lie the Obotski told America for three years was that people wouldn’t believe the long form if Obama did cough it up. Maybe the Obotski should just apologize and admit they were wrong???

I won’t hold my breath.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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2 responses to “The Obotski: Still Stuck In HIGH DUDGEON!!!

  • Jamie in Las Vegas

    “One lie the Obotski told America for three years was that people wouldn’t believe the long form if Obama did cough it up.”

    You must not read Free Republic or WND. Both places are still zooming in to 6000% in their PDF readers, trying to sort out the pixels of the “fake” document. I think releasing the long form did peel off the more rational of the birthers, but the nutty center of the Birther Frittada is even MORE entrenched.

    • Squeeky Fromm - Girl Reporter

      Hi Jamie in Las Vegas!!!

      I post on Free Republic, and I have started reading WND to see what is happening on the book thingy. The poll numbers show that there are a lot less less Birthers. I have gone to “post-Birtherism” mode here at The Birther Think Tank. Which there is still plenty to write about.

      That being said, Obama should have released a “flattened” PDF. But, churning out one with a green safety paper background and layers, and one with a blue background, Obama is definitely trying to keep this issue alive.

      I think the Smartest President in the Universe is desperate for any issue to deflect away from his lack of success. The guy couldn’t even pass a budget with control of both houses of Congress. This is he first time in his adult life he has had to do something besides run his mouth. He can’t hack it. Speeches don’t solve problems.

      Plus, you still have all the Vattle Birthers to deal with. I am beginning to think that even if SCOTUS takes a Vattle Case, and they lose, they will keep at it. They are almost as unreasonable, clueless, and obsessed as the Obotski.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

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