Schwarzenegger, Strauss-Kahn, Obama and The Birthers???

Beyond A Doubt Of A Shadow???

This has been an interesting news week for SECRETS.

First, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel maid. Then we find out that he allegedly assaulted Tristane Banon, a French writer, 9 years ago. She called him a “rutting chimpanzee” on TV, but his name was bleeped out.  Then, there was the IMF employee, Mrs. Piroska Nagy who alleged that Strauss-Kahn used his position to coerce her into an affair.   There were other accusations of the same nature regarding other maids at the same hotel, but these have not been confirmed.

Then, Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger acknowledged that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff over a decade ago,  and when the news came out,  it caused a separation from his wife. The child is over ten years old, and still nobody knows who the mother was.

Now, what do these two things have to do with Obama and the Birther Issue??? Simple. Both of these revelations prove that while Birthers may have been wrong in our suspicions about Obama being born outside the country, we certainly were not crazy to have such suspicions. Both of these men were very powerful, and very much in the public eye. Yet, both were protected from exposure by staff and acquaintances and the “system.”  There were dribbles of news about both men, and perhaps one could say these were open secrets–things that many people knew about but just didn’t pursue.

It did not require a “conspiracy” reaching back to their births to cover this up, just the normal run-of-the-mill cover-ups and failure of the MSM to pursue leads. Why is this important???

Again, simple. The MSM has been very lax in uncovering any details about Obama. The candidate who promised transparency, is surprisingly opaque. The simple act of coughing up a long form birth certificate, as suspect as it is, took nearly three years.  The prospect of obtaining any other documents from Obama is grim. Maybe this is just a  reflection of what Bernie Goldberg calls a slobbering love affair between the MSM and Obama. Without pressure from the MSM, it is doubtful we will ever know who our 44th president really is, as a person.

So, let this week’s secret revelations of the Rich and Powerful be a reminder of three things. First, powerful men do keep damaging secrets, and have plenty of help doing it.  Second, you can’t count on the MSM (Main Stream Media) doing anything to uncover them. Finally, it isn’t crazy to believe the first and second things.

Birthers were the nails that stuck up, despite all attempts to hammer us down.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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