Obotski: Forget The Kool-Aid, Just Drink The Tea!!!

After Drinking The Fukushima Tea, Several Obotski Grew Fur, And Experienced Weird Other Side Effects

Well, this is interesting. It seems that:

Heita Kawakatsu, governor of Shizuoka Prefecture issued the “Safety Declaration” on green teas grown in Shizuoka on May 18. Shizuoka prefectural government tested raw tea leaves and blended teas for consumers in 18 locations in Shizuoka for radioactive materials, and the result showed the radiation level was lower than the provisional safety limit set by the national government [500 becquerels per kilogram, raw leaves; 200 becquerels per kilogram, final blend]. At the prefectural government hall, the governor drank a cup of new tea with the growers and declared it safe.

As to the testing of the “aracha” that the Ministry of Health and Welfare is requesting, the governor said his government has no plan to test, because “it will confuse the consumer.”. . .Governor Kawakatsu decided not to test because “if we do something that confuses the consumer, that may deepen people’s mistrust in the government.” He said, “We have tested the tea that will be sold to the consumer and the raw tea leaves, and that’s enough.”


What was that the Obotski kept screaming during the Three Years of Unnecessary National Suffering, aka The Birther Question??? Answer:  “But somebody in Hawaii said it was real!!! She works for the government, so just believe her. You don’t need to see the real thing, because Hawaii says it is real.”

In fact, the Obotski are STILL saying that in answer to anybody who questions all the layers and artifacts in the long form birth certificate. Here is a example from today, from a Obotski website. I won’t link it to preserve the Obotski Blogger’s privacy:

“does the released long form BC hold up to professional scrutiny?”

doesn’t need to, the State of Hawaii states “On April 27, 2011 President Barack Obama posted a certified copy of his original Certificate of Live Birth.”
gives these links
let me repeat that:
State of Hawaii states “On April 27, 2011 President Barack Obama posted a certified copy of his original Certificate of Live Birth.”
should I repeat that once more?

Yep, that is right. The Birther asks “does the released long form BC hold up to professional scrutiny?

The Obotski answers “doesn’t need to, the State of Hawaii states BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Now I will be the first person to say that endorsement by a government or state official as to alleged document fraud, does add a measure of confidence as to the document in question. But for Heaven’s sake, when did Americans, either liberal or conservative ever feel confident to just trust their government with such certainty???

Remember just a little recent history. SEC people went out to Bernie Madoff on several occasions over allegations of fraud and came back and said Madoff was clean. Some regulators recently examined mortgage foreclosure files and said there was no substantial problems. Even now, Geithner and other government officials are telling us the economy is recovering, and yet anybody who honestly looks at the situation can’t help but notice that deficit spending is greater than GDP growth.

There was this person, who was a religious quack person who poisoned Kool Aid and told all his followers to drink it. Most did, and that is where the saying about “Drinking the Kool Aid” came from.  But with what is happening around the Fukushima  Nuclear Plants, I will just suggest that the Obotski practice what they preach, and trust Governor Heita Kawakatsu, and have a nice glass of tea. Who knows, it may even heat the water all by itself!!!

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