Obotski Kaa Kaa – Just Trust The Government!!! (Lies the Obotski Taught Us, No. 2)

"No", explained Kaa. "It is only snakes in the GRASS you can not trust. TREE snakes are another matter entirely."

Another one of the Lies The Obotski Taught Us during the Three Year Birth Certificate Ordeal, which I am going to rename in a upcoming Internet Article as “The Opaque Years“, is that Birthers were crazy Conspiracy Theorists for not just trusting a certain Hawaiian State Official (Frujinko???) when she confirmed the information on the short form. As I often said during The Opaque Years, I might be wrong, but I am NOT crazy to be suspicious. Well, in hindsight, I was wrong.  However, people do not live in a state of hindsight,  and only have the present and the past to rely on.

AND, based on past history, government officials do LIE, do commit FRAUD, and do MAKE MISTAKES. That is a fact of life. Here are a few examples compiled in 2009 at Washington’s Blog, link below:

 In case you believe that there are only “a couple of bad apples” in the United States, here is an off-the-top-of-my-head list of corruption by leading pillars of American society:

  • Senior military officials stole approximately $125 billion dollars out of Iraq reconstruction funds, dwarfing Madoff’s $50 billion Ponzi scheme (in turn, the looting which is now occurring under the bailout/stimulus programs will far surpass $150 billion)
  • The government-endorsed ratings agencies which were supposed to accurately rate the credit-worthiness of companies and nations committed massive fraud

There are hundreds of similar stories of corruption which have come out recently.

But surely government employees would have done something to stop such corruption if had known about it, right?

Well, actually:

Here is the link:


I have given some of these examples before, including the massive document fraud in Foreclosuregate. In fact, my very first Internet Article ever was about huge lies told by previous U.S. Presidents. Some of the Obotski I have debated with try to recast this healthy skepticism as somehow saying that past lies or frauds by government official PROVES that Obama was engaged in fraud or PROVES that Frujinko whatever was lying or mistaken. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What history PROVES is that it isn’t crazy to consider the possibility of FRAUD, LIES, or MISTAKE.  And therefore, Birthers were not crazy to be suspicious. If you doubt this, ask a Liberal or a Obot about Iraq. The Weapons of Mass Destruction were not uncovered. Were they just hidden very well, or was there FRAUD??? Maybe LIES??? Maybe MISTAKES??? All of a sudden, I bet Healthy Skepticism makes a comeback.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

BONUS. A Video Of Kaa:


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