God Save The Queen, and Birtherism!!! (Violating Customs 101)

We Are Not Amused

On his recent trip to England, Obama made a little faux pas during the toast to Queen Elizabeth II. The band started playing God Save The Queen during the toast, and rather than shut up, Obama just kept blabbering on. Supposedly, everybody in England knows this, and for them, it is just like us in America knowing we are supposed to stand up during the National Anthem.

But we can’t get Obama to shut up here in America, so it is not surprising that Obama kept on talking. And, this may surprise people, but I don’t blame Obama for messing up, because he isn’t English. Well, actually he is or was,  because his father was a British Citizen, but you know what I mean. Sooo, I don’t  fault him for not knowing or following the cultural  norms and customs of England.

BUT, I do blame Obama for not knowing or following the cultural norms and customs of America. Because in America, there is supposed to be a cultural norm and custom of HONESTY and DISCLOSURE in government, and Obama’s Three Years of Opacity on the Birther Question, was a three year flip-o-the-bird to America’s political customs.  Even though LYING and BREAKING PROMISES is common among politicians, at least we could expect some lip service be paid our ideals. Sort of like the lip service paid to the Ten Commandments.  And we know that HONESTY and DISCLOSURE  is our “norm” because even this fellow says it is:

The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” – Barack Obama.

Now the Obotski give Obama a pass on this because they think it was done for political advantage. They say it made the Right Wing look like zanies. I think it was probably done as much to distract the Left Wing Obotski from Obama’s many failures. And some may ask why is Birtherism even relevant any more now that Obama has finally coughed up his long form birth certificate???

I say because Obama’s Machiavellian Machinations are revealed most blatantly in this issue. What, three years of bitter divisiveness, people in jail, and countless hours of wasted time by Birthers and Obotski alike dissecting online documents for a misplaced pixel, for example- – – all over a $14 document??? If Obama would alienate millions of Americans for political advantage, and even threw his own political party overboard in the November mid-term elections of 2010, rather than coughing up the $14 document early on and resolving the question,  then it is a good bet he will do it again.

Or . . . is he already doing it concerning the Economy???  The War in Afghanistan??? Unemployment???  Public Options??? No mandates??? Take your pick. You decide on which of these issues or others, Obama will decide that his personal political advantage is more important.  Oops, Wait!!! I think Obama has already run backward on all these issues.  Sorry. My bad.  Here try this promise about the Bush Tax Cuts. I bet he kept that one:


What was that Queen said, “Another one bites the dust!!!”

Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Bonus: You tube video of God Save The Queen for those who do not know it:


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