The Obotski Hall of Shame – Bovril

Obotski On Hidden Prison Cam Waterboarding An Inmate

The third Shamee to be admitted to The Obotski Hall of Shame is a Obot called Bovril. Sometimes he adds a 1 or something to his name. Bovril is one of the Obotski who helped shut down Gretawire, along with PJFoggy and Rikker. He is proud of this achievement, probably because the Obotski win more arguments when the opposition has been stifled.

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One would note simply arguing with someone is not getting down in the mud to fight.  No, I was there at Gretawire when this was going on, and getting down in the mud to fight was gross, calculated forum disruption. Bovril, and PJFoggy, and Rikker were successful. They managed to cause enough ruckus that a forum was shut down. But, better that than argument or debate!!! It is comforting to know that Bovril is possessed of  all the moral superiority of the Conquistadors in South America, or the Belgians in the Congo:

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And stridently, Bovril reminds us not to turn the other cheek, or pussy foot around. No, for Bovril it is Onward Obotski Soldiers, marching as to war!!! For unless people who disagree with you, the others, the ENEMY are stomped down, you know where demonization of the other through these tactics will lead. . .you might become another Bovril.

Shame on you, Bovril!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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