The Obotski Hall of Shame – PJFoggy

Obotski Caught On Hidden Arctic Cam Clubbing A Baby Seal

In line with our very good analysis of Birtherism and Post-Birtherism issues,  The Birther Think Tank is starting a Obotski Hall of Shame series, to bring to light the horrible and reprehensible acts done by the Obotski in the past and currently.  The first “Shamee” is:

PJFoggy – Obotski Provocateur

PJFoggy is the head Obot at the Fogbow.  The Fogbow is one of the main Obotski “de-bunking” websites. PJFoggy is admitted to the Obotski Hall of Shame for his actions in promoting and knowingly spreading a  PHONY Obama Birth Certificate.  It is the very epitome of UNCLEAN HANDS to disseminate a false thing, and then tease those that believe it.  This is also the Epitome of Masturbation, putting out your own document so that you can de-bunk it. Talk about playing with yourself!!!

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Plus PJFoggy was instrumental in helping cause grief to Greta Van Susteran’s former forum, Gretawire, and helping to shut it down. The Obotski have no respect for Freedom of Speech.

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I used to debate PJFoggy at Gretawire, and he was pretty easy to beat WITH LOGIC. See, for example, this recent spanking I gave PJFoggy when he pulled a logically stupid, but NOT shameful, stunt:

No doubt but that his BRAINLESSNESS is why he resorted to these UTTERLY SHAMEFUL acts!!! From what I have read, PJFoggy has done a lot more really rotten stuff to Birthers, but it is his right to have his own opinion and say what he thinks. However, there is NO JUSTIFICATION for trying to stifle the opposition and putting out phony document stuff to exacerbate what was, and is, a very divisive issue in our country.

Shame on you, PJFoggy!!!

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Girl Reporter

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