The Obotski Hall of Shame – Rikker

Obotski Caught On Hidden Cemetery Cam Robbing Graves For Beer Money

It is fitting that the Obot referred to as the sidekick of PJFoggy be the second Shamee admitted to the Obotski Hall of Shame. The Obot is named Rikker, and who knows what other aliases he operates under. Rikker is being admitted for his sins against Freedom of Speech. Rikker admits to doing his best to Stifle the Opposition, not by his LOGIC, or good debate, but by trashing at least one forum, Greta van Susteran’s Gretawire, which was shut down because she did not wish to have full time moderation to control the vandals and Internet thugs who invaded the website. Here the two are bragging about their depradations:

Click On Image To Make It Larger

And then, Rikker the Sidekick,

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I used to post on Gretawire, and there were times when the Obotski forum disruptors were sooo bad you couldn’t discuss news or threads.  While it is one thing to disagree, it is completely un-American to deliberately set out to destroy someone else’s Freedom of Speech.  But what is really unbelievable are the many statements from Rikker, and other Obotski, about what bad Americans the Birthers were. There must be no mirrors in their houses, or perhaps they are so hollow they cast no reflection.

Shame on you, Rikker!!!

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