Dr. Confusious and the Great Obotski Knowledge Quest

Dr. Confusious, With Obotski Retinue, On The Road To Laguna Niguel

Well, it seems the Head Obotski, Dr. Conspiracy, of Obama Conspiracy Theories, has decided to set forth on a Knowledge Quest to better understand Birtherism:

My personal focus for the summer is expanding the Understanding the birthers article series. My concern is that the analysis of the birther phenomenon (including my own) is overly simplistic.[Emphasis Added]

This is part of his “Understanding The Birthers” series. Here is a link to that quote, and if you click on the “Understanding the Birthers” link above, it pulls up the rest of those Internet Articles.


But, as much as The Birther Think Tank respects Knowledge, in all its many forms, perhaps the Good Doctor is on the wrong quest.  Bitherism was, and is, pretty easy to understand. There is an underlying, and well-deserved, mistrust of government, the Elites, and the Main Stream Media.  There were wide-scale questions (based, with hindsight, on misplaced suspicions) for proof  of Obama’s place of birth. Unsatisfactory information was provided, followed by a three year refusal to supplement the evidence. What is hard to understand about the rumors flying like crazy???

No, the Better Quest would be for Dr. Confusious to first seek to understand The Obotski, including himself. What ever possessed the Obama and the Obotski to shut down for three years, and let the rumor blossom to the point where 58% of the country had some degree of doubt where Obama was born??? The Birther Think Tank always viewed this as the REAL Birther Question, and developed the KISS MATRIXes to address these concerns.

And, this remark by Dr. Confusious is particularly telling:

I gain a sense [of] power by exposing the flaws in individual birthers.

To the REAL Confucius, wisdom started first with understanding oneself followed with the gradual comprehension of the rest of the world.

To be wise is to recognize what you do know and what you do not know. To think that you know more than you do is delusion, likewise failing to acknowledge what you do not have an understanding of is again delusion. “Every time three people walk together, there must be one that can be my teacher.” Another important component of wisdom is never failing to identify one’s own shortcoming while be able to appreciate others’ strengths for everyone is someone worth learning from.

But perhaps, as is sometimes the case, Dr. Confusious will stumble across these insights somewhere along the way.

Bon voyage.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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