No Birther Has Ever Escaped From Obotski Stall-ag 13???

PJFoggy and Dr. Conspiracy Were Feeling Pretty Cool About The Perfect Record Thingy!!!

When I moved earlier this year, it took a few days for the cable to get hooked up, sooo I connected a antenna and there is this really wonderful ME TV Channel thing where they show old timey TV shows, some of which I never heard of before, like Route 66 and now, some bald detective guy named Kojak.  Another show that was on was called Hogan’s Heroes, and is a historic comedy show about World War II and how some Allied prisoners just make complete fools of the Germans.

The guy who runs Stalag 13 is called Colonel Klink, and he is not very good at his job. The prisoners come and go as they please,  and are even friends with all the German Shepherd guard dogs. There is a tunnel, with a door that opens up outside the prison through a tree trunk with a hinged door. Colonel Hogan and his men blow up stuff like every night and slip away into town to party. But the Germans never catch on because no prisoner has ever escaped Stalag 13.The perfect record keeps the Germans from getting the Big Picture, that stuff is blowing up all around them on a regular basis.

Things are kind of like that in the Obotski world. So far, Obama and his Obotski minions have a perfect record IN COURT. They have never lost a Birther case.  Now, over three years after Obama put out his short form birth certificate, cases are still going on IN COURT.  The U.S. Supreme Court is about to decide whether or not to hear another one. If I had to bet, Birthers will lose again.  But, just like at Stalag 13, a perfect record can be deceiving.  Because what a smart and effective person would want to do is put an end to the questions concerning eligibility. If Obama and his Obotski Retinue had any sense, they would want to confront the issues, win them, and put an end to the questions.  They would not keep stalling in their “Stall-ag.”  But, that would put an end to the Obotski merriment, and  not be as much fun as winning IN COURT and getting to tease Birthers about it.

Sooo, the next time you see the Obotski teasing Dr. Taitz, or bragging about their perfect record IN COURT, just think of Colonel Hogan. And think about Obama, and how political stuff keeps blowing up around him.  Now, everybody is catching on to his ineffectiveness, his amateurish administration, and his obliviousness to the true state of affairs IN THE COUNTRY.  Meanwhile, Obama’s approval numbers are sinking  IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION, and even Admiral Axelrod is using the “T” word—Titanic.  On websites across the country, the Birther versus Obotski fights are still the most contentious and debated threads.  And, there is a election coming up. But, the Obotski, like Sgt. Schultz,  know Nothing–Nothing!!!

Tee Hee!!! Tee Hee!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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