Oswald Florp – The New Darling of the Vattel Birthers!!!

Oswald Florp, of Stinky Corners, Starts Some Manoor With Hessian Lotharios

Well, you just have to see this to believe it, but now the Vattle Birthers have found NEW ANTIQUE DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE that native born does not equal natural born.  Not content with garage sale finds and the 4 Volume Set of Collected Speeches Of Hieronymus Bingle, whoever, now they latch onto an Early American Letter to the Editor.

At present, it is not known whether this is an authentic document. It is also undetermined if it has any legal significance or relevance, but none of those 3 problems have yet deterred the Vattle Birthers from their appointed rounds.  Several prominent Vattle Birthers have already endorsed this find,  claiming that this Letter to the Editor should provide a basis to overturn the 1898 SCOTUS case, Wong Kim Ark.

Whatever! At least the Vattle Birthers are using an American source, as opposed to yodeling up a Swiss one.


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

NOTE:  Vattle Birther is  my humorous name for the two citizen parent Birthers who believe Emerich de Vattel, of Switzerland, was the source for England and America’s law on natural born citizenship. Vattle rhymes with prattle, making it easy to remember. (a mnemonic) For what it is worth, prattle means to talk at length foolishly, or foolish or inconsequential talk. Oh why do I associate that word with the Vattle Birthers???


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