Emerich – My Imaginary Friend (A Transitional Objects Approach to Resolving The “Two Citizen Parents” Delusion)

Time To Quit Fiddling Around With Emerich de Vattel of Switzerland

Well, you won’t find stuff like this at just any old website.  But, this is the 100th Internet Article at The Birther Think Tank, sooo  it needed to be special. It is one of my pet theories that there is a disturbed psychological basis underlying the two citizen parent delusion of the Vattle Birthers. (Vattle Birthers is my sarcastic term for the two citizen parent Birthers due to their focus on Emerich de Vattel.)

The Vattle Birthers insist that Emerich de Vattel of Switzerland is the source for American law on the subject of natural born citizenship. This is a TOTALLY absurd theory for several reasons. First, natural born citizenship is a concept firmly rooted in English common law which pre-dates the birth of Vattel by several centuries. Second, there is no mention of Vattel’s alleged definition of natural born citizenship being used in any legal case for that purpose. Finally, the definitions provided in case law clearly state that America utilizes a birth-place centered approach as opposed to de Vattel’s blood-line centered approach. There is no doubt but that Emerich de Vattel’s supposed influence is a pure figment of the Vattle Birther imagination. It is a classic PSYCHOLOGICAL DELUSION, which I have named the de Vattel Delusion Disorder.

But, this delusion is shared by many people across the country and has taken root among the literate and illiterate alike. Like zombies, Vattle Birthers repeat the mantraIt takes two citizen parents to be a natural born citizen as if this were from Moses’ Missing Stone Tablet. People have been jailed, lost their military pensions, attempted foolish citizen’s arrest of state officials, threatened sedition, threatened the President, and have in general reduced themselves to a state of babbling insanity and irrational anger ostensibly in support of the theory that a recitation of French law by a Swiss writer from the 1700’s  is the source of American law. What is the source of this delusion???

I believe that a hint may be found in the words themselves.  Natural. Two. Parents. Citizen. Jus sanguinis. These are family and belonging words. Two parents is natural, and represents the ideal family. A blood bond between relatives. Citizen is a word which implies a bond between people living as a group and looking out for each other. And who is it the parents take care of – – -the child. The de Vattel Delusion Disorder may not be based on  legal differences of opinion at all, but in the longing of a child for the safety and companionship of a family. This would account for irrational tantrum-like behavior of the Vattle Birthers.  

Now this theory is still in its formative stage, but if it is valid, then there are strategies that can be employed to ease the psychological angst of the Vattle Birthers.  Perhaps transitional objects could be of use. There is a very good Internet Article about transitional objects at this link:


It is written by someone named Molly, studying to be a kindergarten teacher. This is extremely age appropriate, in a psychological  development sort of way, for the Vattle Birthers and this excerpt is informative:

Linus from the “Peanuts” comic strip is infamous for carrying around his security blanket while sucking his thumb. “An estimated 60% of young, middle-class children in Western cultures use soft objects, such as blankets, pillows, and stuffed toys, as soothers or comforters when they are going to sleep or are mildly distressed” (Lehmane, 1995). “Because they help a child make the transition from complete dependence to independence, experts sometimes refer to security objects as transitional objects” (Kutner,1997).

A transitional object, as defined by Winnicott is an item that serves a soothing function for children, and stresses that these objects are normal and significant developmental phenomenon’s, and that such attachments do not imply maladjustment (Lehmane,1995). “It might be his blankie, a doll, or a stuffed animal, or an old cloth diaper. If it’s been around for a while it’s likely frayed and grayed and smells of home. It’s there whenever he wants or needs it” (Miles,1997). A security object can give a child both emotional and tangible comfort, especially during times of stress. When going to sleep or being read a story, these security objects can have a calming effect on children. They can also be helpful in a separation from the parent. The object reminds them of the parents; therefore, it calms them by giving them a peace of mind.

Now this theory is still in its formative stage, but if it is valid, then there are strategies that can be employed to ease the psychological angst of the Vattle Birthers. Think here of transitional objects like Linus’s blanket. It is unlikely that we can talk the Vattle Birthers into carrying around an old cloth diaper or a blankie. But perhaps a soothing poem, all by itself, can begin to help them make that transition into independence, security, and rationality. Something calming, almost like a lullaby.

With that thought in mind, I have written the following poem as a transitional object for them.  By reciting the poem to them, maybe the Vattle Birthers can begin to heal themselves in a healthy fashion as opposed to the irrational fits and storms exhibited so far. They can be free to think about and express their childhood fears and longings in a safe and secure manner, while coming to grips with the fact that de Vattel’s influence is imaginary.  But imaginary is OK, as long as you realize it is imaginary. It is either this, or we will have to wrestle them down and put Tobasco Sauce on their thumbs.

Emerich – My Imaginary Friend
by Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

Once, when I was very young
I had a special friend.
But no one else could see him
So they thought he was pretend.

He said his name was Emerich
Which was a funny name.
I tried to tell my parents
But they thought it was a game.

He said he came from Switzerland
And lived upon a hill.
But he would come and visit me.
He seemed so very real.

He talked about the folks who lived
In Germany and France.
Where all the Fairy Tales came from
And stories of Romance.

He said he knew them very well,
Taught by the Brothers Grimm.
And Jack the Tailor (Giant Killer!)
Sewed a suit for him.

Sometimes I think of Emerich
And even now, pretend,
For just a moment I’m with my. . .
Imaginary Friend.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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