Cognitive Decompensation – When Vattel Birthers Pay The Psychological Piper!!! (A Case Study)

Halfway Across, The Birther Realized He Was On The Wong Kim Ark Memorial Bridge

It seems that engaging in the delusional theory that it takes two citizen parents to be a natural born citizen eventually exacts a mental price on the Vattel Birthers – – –Cognitive DECOMPENSATION!!!  If you watch a lot of crime shows, you will be familiar with the concept of losing it, to the point where the criminal’s brain just isn’t working right anymore.  Decompensation is what happened to Ted Bundy when he stopped planning and organizing his crimes and covering them up and just started whacking women with a crow bar in a blood orgy. All the stress and strain of being a serial killer just eventually got to him.

It looks like this same thing eventually happens to the Vattel two citizen-parent Birthers, in that they completely lose whatever already loose grip they had on reality. Below is an actual real-life  Internet discussion wherein the Vattle Birther (my humorous name for the Vattel Birthers) goes off the deep end, and tries to use Shakespeare to prove that Herman Cain is not a natural born citizen.  But first, a little more about cognitive decompensation.  This paraphrased excerpt provides what I think is a working model:

When the load on the cognitive resources becomes too great, due to the accumulation of trying to re-write history and misinterpret the law, stress is caused by the constant confrontation with Reality. The subject can no longer compensate for his repeated failure to prove his theory, and there is a marked decline in information processing ability and thought processes. The person experiences strange sensory experiences due to his desire to hold to his belief system in the face of all evidence, and as a result – delusions, hallucinations, and really weird thought patterns emerge. These problems are not evident as such because the person’s ability to test reality is impaired because of the strain on their cognitive resources.

In other words, the Vattle Birther has lost his marbles, and may never be able to find them. Here is the discussion, so you can view this sad and pitiful process in action:

Vattle Birther: [Herman] Cain is certainly a freeman and a citizen. It is not so certain he’s a natural born Citizen.

Semi-Rational Person 1: Not sure what you mean by that but here are the stats on Cain and his parents which clearly make him a natural born citizen.

Herman Cain born December 13, 1945 in Memphis, TN (Meets the Jus Soli Requirement) Parents were Luther Cain Jr., born March 16, 1925 in TN, died March 29, 1982 in Atlanta, GA Lenora Davis, born July 27, 1925 in GA, died August 20, 2005 in Atlanta, GA Both parents were US Citizens at the time of his birth (Meets the Jus Sanguinis Requirement) Herman Cain is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN

Rational Person 2: [To Vattle Birther] First time I have heard that one. Got anything to back it up with?

Vattle Birther: [To Semi-Rational Person 1] The term natural born citizen is a bit more complicated. Founder James Wilson wrote we went back to the ancient Saxon customs when they formed the country. Not sure if he meant Anglo Saxon or Saxon. During the Anglo Saxon period natural did not mean what it does today.

Shakespeare wrote the word natural in Henry the V to describe children.

The Founders use of natural in NBC certainly limits who can be President.

Vattle Birther: [To Rational Person 2] Yes I can back it up, but it is complicated. It is the meaning of natural to the Founders. Natural does not mean what you assume it does.

Vattle Birther: [To Semi-Rational Person 1] Natural is a Kind.

Rational Person 2: Natural does not mean what you assume it does.

If you had inserted the word “may” between the words “you” and “assume”, I might be inclined to assign some relevance to your reply. As is, it’s just arrogant. You have no idea what I may “assume”.

Vattle Birther: [To Rational Person 2] Can see you do have an attitude..and really have no interest in the meaning of natural born citizen.

Rational Person 2: Can see you do have an attitude..and really have no interest in the meaning of natural born citizen.

That’s laughable. You are the one displaying complete arrogance, thinking that you know what I think about natural born citizenship or any other issue. Your posting history is replete with examples of your ignorance and arrogance. Want to battle? I’ll start posting examples, this thread being the initial example.

Vattle Birther: [To Rational Person 2] go pick a fight with another.

Rational Person 2: go pick a fight with another.

No fight wanted from me but I will answer challenges and if you go back on the thread and look, you will see where this started. I wish you well and I hate fights.

Rational Person 3: I’m waiting to see your conclusive evidence Herman Cain is not a natural born citizen of the United States of America.

Vattle Birther: It is not so certain Cain is a natural born citizen. I will post an example.

Vattle Birther:

Vattle Birther: What does Shakespeare mean by were all thy children kind and natural?

Rational Person 3: What kind of drivel like that proves anything? You are a delusional man.

Do you or do you not have proof that Cain was not born a natural citizen? Any documents that he was born elsewhere? I fake birth certificate? Incorrect data on his parents? Tax records? Property tax records? Census data?

I’m actually surprised you haven’t been banned. You’re a nut job.

Vattle Birther: answer my question..what did Shakespeare mean? Kind and natural children?

What are the natural children?

Vattle Birther:  Take it up with the University professor in the 19th century who defined the natural children in Henry the V.

Here, the thread ends, for the time being.  I have noticed this same Vattle Birther using the Shakespeare quote on other websites around the Internet, sooo I do not suspect this is an isolated incident due to a temporary stressor.   The Vattle Birther makes no attempt to explain how Shakespeare has any legal significance, or how Herman Cain fails to measure up to whatever the standard is alleged to be.

Figuratively speaking,  the Vattle Birther is wildly swinging the two foot long Crowbar of Irrationality  at the Pinata of Reason, suspended 50 feet over his head.  He just ain’t gonna hit it no matter how hard he tries. This is just insanity, pure and simple. I suspect that a long silken dalliance with the Vattle Birther nonsense has turned this person into one of the kindly fruits of the earth.  Specifically. . . nuts.

Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter
aka Dr. Squeeky

Note 1: See also the Internet Article here called,  de Vattel Delusion Disorder – A Psychiatric Diagnosis

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