La Bocca Della Falsita (The Mouth of Falsehoods)

I Think I Found Mario Apuzzo's Missing Hand In Here

At Mario Apuzzo’s blog, he has a picture of himself next to an image of La Bocca Della Verite, the Mouth of Truth.

I enjoy the universe of ideas and a sound mind and body.

Wiki says:

La Bocca della Verità ( “the Mouth of Truth“) is an image, carved from Pavonazzetto marble, of a man-like face, located in the portico of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome, Italy.  The sculpture is thought to be part of a 1st century ancient Roman fountain, or perhaps a manhole cover, portraying one of several possible pagan gods, probably  Oceanus. Most Romans believe that the ‘Bocca’ represents the ancient god of the river Tiber.

The most famous characteristic of the Mouth, however, is its role as a lie detector. Starting from the Middle Ages, it was believed that if one told a lie with one’s hand in the mouth of the sculpture, it would be bitten off. The piece was placed in the portico of the Santa Maria in Cosmedin in the 17th century. This church is also home to the supposed relics of Saint Valentine.

The Mouth of Truth is known to English-speaking audiences mostly from its appearance in the 1953 film Roman Holiday. The film also uses the Mouth of Truth as a storytelling device since both Hepburn’s and Peck’s characters are not initially truthful with each other.

I wonder if Mario Apuzzo’s depiction of the Mouth of Truth on his website is deceptive advertising due to his latest journey into Soap Opera land. Here is a brief excerpt from Mario Apuzzo:

Is Putative President Barack Obama’s Mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Really Jo Ann Newman?

By Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
November 15, 2011

Martha Trowbridge reports that she has uncovered the true identity of Stanley Ann Dunham, putative President Barack Obama’s mother. She writes in her latest article, Stan The Sham, and True Love, posted at her blog, Terrible Truth, on November 15, 2011, at  that Dunham’s real name is Jo Ann Newman.Why would Obama tell us that his mother’s name is Stanley Ann Dunham when it is really Jo Ann Newman, a white teenage girl from the Bronx, New York, who according to Ms. Trowbridge was Malcolm X’s teenage lover and devotee?

Is Obama telling us a lie about his mother’s true name because he wants to hide his own real identity?

Is he telling us that lie because he wanted to make himself more electable to the average American?

What would knowing that Obama’s mother’s real name is Jo Ann Newman tell us about Obama’s true identity?

And why would Obama want to hide his true identity?

You can read the rest of the nonsense at Mr. Apuzzo’s blog. (Link above.) While I love a good conspiracy theory, this one isn’t even up to the “I Had Big Foot’s Baby!” level.  The creator of this idiocy is one, Martha Trowbridge, who can’t even get her dots on the same piece of paper to connect them. I suspect there is a long scrawl of crayon in her home from her computer desk down to the floor, up to the wall, down the hall, and into the bathroom over to where the commode sits.

She supposes that Obama is actually some dude named Bari Shabazz who was the son of Malcom X, and therefore the mother must be poor Jo Ann Newman, who presumably is dead and can not defend herself from this crap.  And oh, Bari Shabazz is dead, too. And Malcom X.  And Obama’s parents and grandparents are dead, too.  They’re all dead. I would not be surprised to see lawsuits asking to dig them all up and perform DNA tests.

From the obvious lack of any discernible  brain activity, I would suspect that Martha Trowbridge was dead too, and awaiting a disconnect from life-support, except for the fact that someone keeps writing Internet Articles in her name about this crap.  A better name for her blog would be The Terrible UN-Truth.

Mr. Apuzzo is an attorney and should know better than to engage in this kind of ridiculous speculation. You can tell that it is speculation because he comes right out and asks:

So, who is Jo Ann Newman? Did she and her family and friends know Malcolm X?

The big question now is how we reconcile the name of Jo Ann Newman with the Stanley Ann Dunham life story that we have been provided. As we know, this alleged fabricated life story consists of, among many life events, a birth in Kansas; youthful years and schooling in Washington; schooling in Hawaii; a hasty marriage to and divorce from Barack Obama Sr.; a marriage to and divorce from Lolo Soetoro; a move to Indonesia; and the birth of Maya Soetoro in Indonesia.

Mr. Apuzzo, with all due respect, this is the kind of stuff you should have answered BEFORE you disseminated this garbage. I mean, you write this hit piece, and you haven’t even answered the question “So, who is Jo Ann Newman? Did she and her family and friends know Malcolm X?

And, you admit you have not figured out how you can reconcile the name of Jo Ann Newman with the life of Stanley Ann Dunham??? You mean little stuff like marriages to that Indonesian dude, and Obama living in Indonesia and Obama in Hawaii with the Dunham grandparents, and little items like that??? What in the world ever possessed you to climb aboard the Jo Ann Newman Express without checking out where it was going???

Take my advice. Get a second opinion about how sound your mind really is.  And keep your mitts out of the Mouth of Truth.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: The First Image above is of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Wiki says:

. . .they spend the day seeing the sights, including the “Mouth of Truth”, a face carved in marble which is said to bite off the hands of liars. When Joe pulls his hand out of the mouth, it appears to be missing, causing Anya to scream. He then pops his hand out of his sleeve and laughs. (Hepburn’s shriek was not acting—Peck decided to pull a gag he had once seen Red Skelton do, and did not tell his co-star beforehand.)

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13 responses to “La Bocca Della Falsita (The Mouth of Falsehoods)

  • Bari M. Shabazz

    He’s your president, not your boyfriend… You truly are blind to the truth.

    Democracy will cease to exist once the people realize they are being bribed with their own money.

    If he would just come clean… … Who is this man in the White House?

  • Agent Smith

    Bari the birfer,

    What you bithers can’t seem to grasp is that this is not about President Obama to us–it is about the Constitution (you know, the thing you wrap yourselves in and pay lip service to while denigrating the values on which it was based…). I don’t believe that Squeeky is a supporter of President Obama, and while I am (because I believe the all of the Republican contenders to be far worse), there are may things about the president that I would criticize–I just base that criticism on his actions rather than fear-mongering propaganda.

    The truth is that we know far more about President Obama’s past and the circumstances of his birth than we knew about any prior President before they were elected. Why do you want to hold this particular president to a higher standard?

  • Ryan Masters

    Apuzzo, Taitz, World Nutz Daily, Poot & Efail all pose questions but never provide any real answers, just crock o’sh!t (COS) theories.

    It’s just to create doubt and confusion in simple minds.

    Gotcha, didn’t they, Bari M.

  • obsolete777

    Bari M: “If he would just come clean… … Who is this man in the White House?”

    Have you ever seen Bush’s birth certificate? How about any of the Republican candidate’s? Why is there confusion about where Herman Cain was born? Why won’t Cain come clean and allow experts to analyze his original documents?

  • Monkey Boy

    Squeeky, tell the truth yourself; you turned Mario on to [cheap Italian] red, didn’t you? And, now he’s gorging out on it–but who can blame him at $1.50/litre? If he now starts to brandish tacos with chipotle sauce, we’ll know for sure, then won’t we?

    Tee hee hee.

  • TheEuropean

    I take back everything positive I ever said or thought about
    Mario A Puzz O, the man LINO who is not an Esquire.


    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi European!!!

      I do not know what happened to Mario Apuzzo. I didn’t ever agree with his legal theories but he seemed like a basically honest person who was just wrong about stuff.

      With all the Bari Shabazz stuff and Jo Ann Newman stuff though, he has really destroyed his reputation. This is when a person needs a good friend to intervene and have a Come To Jesus meeting with them. I hope he has somebody to do that sooo he can apologize and get off this kick he is on. There is nothing sooo horrible about just admitting you are wrong about stuff. Nobody is perfect.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      • TheEuropean

        The problem is not that A Puzz O is wrong about stuff. The problem is that he is part of a smeer campaign of the worst kind. How does he align this with his Christian belief ?

        I only hope that Leo Donofrio – peace be with him – does not dive into this abyss like his friend and partner and fellow Christian The Pidegeon has done before. He surely has lost himself into the crazy “Justiagate” but- as far as I can see – he has not smeared the President´s and / or his family as persons.

        TheEuropaean (NotAChristian)

  • Emery

    What stupid blog……….

  • Ann Summerfelt

    I think people should at least be open minded about the possibility that Margaret Towbridge’s theory on Obamas life might be true. There have been a tremendous amount of questions put forth from many people about the secrecy that surrounds Obama’s life. Why are there so many questions about the birth certificate? Why are there many other questions about his supposed attendance at Colombia? Why is it that CNN interviewed 400 former classmates of Obama when he was enrolled at Columbia and not one of them remembered him? These are reasonable questions to ask as are many others. Whether you take seriously the ideas put forth about Obama’s life I am only asking people to not be closed minded toward the idea that there are intelligent capable people who might have put together a plausable theory based on through research that might explain the inconsistencies in Obama’s life that so many Americans are uncomfortable with.

  • Slartibartfast


    You said: “Why is it that CNN interviewed 400 former classmates of Obama when he was enrolled at Columbia and not one of them remembered him?”

    This, like everything else in your comment, is utter trash. Here are some people who remembered President Obama at Columbia:

    The fact is that we know far more about President Obama’s past than we have known about the pasts of any of his predecessors while they were in office. Ms. Towbridge’s “theory”, which reeks of racism and ignorance by the way, is complete bullshit and deserves nothing more than scorn–as does anyone who would promote it.

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