EXCLUSIVE!!! TARDIS Video Of Tonight’s Great Birther-Obot Debate!!!

After Some Dancing Around, The Debate Degenerated Into A Brawl

OH, what a scoop for The Birther Think Tank!!! EXCLUSIVE video from tonight’s upcoming Great Birther-Obot Debate!!! It is on Reality Check Radio at 9:00 PM  Eastern Time.

The Fighters, er uh, Debaters, are Birther Scott Erlandson (aka Washington America) arguing that Obama is not eligible for the Presidency and for the other side, Obot Frank Arduini.

By sneaking a joy-ride in Dr. Who’s TARDIS, we were able to obtain EXCLUSIVE video film of the Debate:

Unfortunately, the AUDIO cord was unplugged, and to actually HEAR the Fight, uh er, DEBATE, you will have to tune in tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, here:


SPOILERS: Pssst!!! The Good Guy is wearing white.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. TARDIS. Yes, it REALLY is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside!!!

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2 responses to “EXCLUSIVE!!! TARDIS Video Of Tonight’s Great Birther-Obot Debate!!!

  • Monkey Boy

    Birthers are fools and scoundrels. One cannot “debate” them because the are fundamentally dishonest. The only viable interaction with them is to mock and ridicule them.

  • bustr

    drip drip drip


    the end is near

    time to scurry back into the dark holes and sludge from whence you crawled

    the truth will set you free (maybe not for your illegitimate community organizer) meez thinks he had too many acorns land on his head

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