Twin Piques – The Birther Summit On Ice!!!

Leo's Party Was Interesting For A Season, But It Was Time To Leave

Dean Haskins has indefinitely postponed The Birther Summit scheduled for late March 2012. His two main piques seem to have been the schism between himself and Orly Taitz, and general apathy on the part of Birthers.  In his own words, with bolding by me:

Additionally, we have observed other calls for mass gatherings and demonstrations, and have had to accept the fact that, barring some major event occurring, levels of apathy about issues such as ours seem nearly impossible to overcome. It is far easier to air one’s complaints via computer keyboard than it is to leave the comfort of one’s home and actually make a physical effort. Past participation in such calls for mass gatherings have been highly embarrassing, and that is certainly not an indictment of the individuals who planned them. Our nation is likely on a crash-course toward extinction simply because of the apathy of our citizenry toward doing anything beyond “talking tough” on the Internet.

Moreover, our message is currently nowhere near cohesive, as disinformation and incompetence are still driving people to believe things that are simply not true, and the gullible few who swallow the spin don’t even realize that it is unethically being used to elicit funding. Even though the truth has been explained at length, there are still folks who view themselves as being part of our team, and yet cling to demonstrably false notions about things like the laws that apply to birth certificates in general, and in Hawaii specifically.

That is largely due to a steady stream of incompetence that continues to flow from one who some still regard as possessing any knowledge of the law and legal procedure. Anytime we come across one who speaks of things like “access to the ‘original’ or ‘vault copy’ of Obama’s birth certificate,” or such absurdities as a state court on the mainland having jurisdictional authority to force Hawaii to break its laws regarding vital statistics records, we must recognize such a person as being complacent in his ignorance of the law (much like the glory hound he likely supports).

We have concluded that providing a venue for those who still seem to support the one who is arguably the worst attorney ever, would not only be a disservice to our country, but it could be considered irresponsible, as a gathering of such people might actually constitute a public danger—for anyone who could still be supporting such an aberration cannot be believed to be mentally or emotionally stable.

The Birther Think Tank ran a four part trilogy on the schism between Haskins and Taitz, and is not at all surprised by this announcement. In fact, we congratulate Mr. Haskins on his growing dissatisfaction with Birtherism and his willingness to start asking legal questions hithertofore left unquestioned within the Birther Community. If Orly Taitz falls, can Leo Donofrio and Mario Apuzzo be far behind? Oh, and Larry Klayman, too. The Birther Feud Trilogy begins here, and runs for 4 consecutive Internet Articles:

While Mr. Haskins professes to still be a Birther, it is our opinion that he will change his mind. One can not ask the questions and make the observations that he makes, and stay a member in good standing of  the Birther Herd of Ninnies.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: Twin Piques. This is a wordplay on Twin Peaks, David Lynch’s surreal television series of the eary 90’s. you know, peaks, mountains, summits. Oh, I’m sure everybody gets it.


A feeling of irritation or resentment resulting from a slight, esp. to one’s pride.

Stimulate (interest or curiosity).

Note 2. The Image Above. This is an image of Leo Johnson, a character in Twin Peaks. The reference is to Leo Donofrio, Esq., inventor of the Imaginary two citizen-parent requirement.  About Leo Johnson, Wiki says:

Leo Johnson, a criminal and wife abuser, spends most of the second season in a vegetative state, cared for by Shelly and Bobby, who agree to take him in as part of a scheme to commit insurance fraud. The plan backfires, however, when it turns out that Leo’s home care is far more expensive than they had anticipated, and the pair are left destitute. To vent their frustration, they take to abusing Leo whilst simultaneously flaunting their relationship in front of him.

Near the end of the season, Leo regains some of his cognitive abilities and instinctively attacks Shelly and Bobby. Wounded during the course of a struggle, he staggers into the woods, where he is abducted by escaped mental patient (and former FBI agent) Windom Earle. Earle enslaves the barely coherent Leo by affixing him with a shock collar and forcing him into submission. Leo spends the remainder of the series as a mute drone, serving Windom Earle.

In the third to last episode, Leo seems to regain some more functioning ability, as he frees another one of Earle’s captives,  Major Garland Briggs, believing Shelly’s life to be in danger after Earle posts a photo of her on his cabin wall. In the series finale, Earle leaves Leo for dead, rigging a cage of poisonous tarantulas above Leo’s head, with a string affixed between Leo’s teeth; if Leo lets go of the string, the cage will drop on his face, releasing the agitated tarantulas. His fate is never revealed, although a shooting script indicated that he was supposed to be found by the Twin Peaks’ Sheriff’s Department, and that, upon seeing them break into Earle’s cabin, he would have tried to speak, releasing the cage onto his face.

You know, I sometimes wonder about the cognitive functioning of Donofrio. I wonder if  Mute Drone Shock Collars and Poisonous Tarantula Cage Kits are legal in . . . Oh, never mind.

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