The Cold Cut Posse – Full of Baloney!!!

Sheriff Joe and Deputy Zullo Take Their Findings To The Prosecutor

The Cold Case Posse came up a little short in the credibility department. Here are the three main findings from yesterday’s press conference:

1. There is something fishy about Obama’s long form birth certificate image found on the Internet;

2. There is something fishy about the circular date stamp on Obama’s selective service registration;

3. There is something fishy about missing Customs Records from The National Archives.

That was pretty much the basis for the  findings of probable cause for Fraud and Forgery against somebody. Just a brief contextual review shows this is BALONEY!!!

First, the claim that there is something fishy about Obama’s long form birth certificate image found on the Internet. The operative word here is IMAGE. The Cold Case Posse (CCP) has wasted their time analyzing an IMAGE, an electronic PICTURE, of something. This really limits the review in usefulness to the area of proven incongruous information.

For example, if the Birth Certificate image showed the signature, Peter Rabbit as the Registrar, then that would be truly fishy because the Registrar’s actual name is Alvin Onaka. All the CCP has done is the equivalent of analyzing the electronic PICTURE of Alvin Onaka’s name and concluding that it is made up of more digital layers than they expected or can account for. This might be interesting to obsessive people, who are really into the integrity of online images. But as a possible criminal matter, there is not much here.

The reason is that the REAL issue is the information itself. Is the information on the online image true and correct or not? Was Obama born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 or not. That is the REAL question. Deconstructing the molecules and atoms of electronic pdf layers does not address this question. A letter or phone call to the Hawaii Department of Health would have provided way more useful information but strangely, the CCP eschewed that option. If the CCP prefers online digital analysis, perhaps they can have some overtime fun with this:

Hawaii Long Form Birth Certificate Press Release

For what it is worth, I have always thought that the long form online image was intentionally manipulated for the purpose of screwing with the Birthers. That is why some copies have a blue background and some have a green safety paper background. Or maybe I am just being too suspicious and some staffer was merely dressing the document up. Who knows? Who cares? Digital images are manipulated all the time. Just look at the image at the top of the page here. That is not really the Maricopa County Prosecutor.

The CCP may be trying to imply that if the online image was entirely digitally constructed, then there was never a tangible long form in the first place which would have been available for scanning and uploading.  Perhaps, but I have heard of strange devices called printers, which are magically able to provide a paper copy of digital images!  Which could then be scanned and uploaded.

Sooo, the CCP’s first claim is misdirected at examining the wrong thing, a digital image instead of the relevant birth information. The first claim is BALONEY.

The second claim that, there is something fishy about the circular date stamp on Obama’s selective service registration, is typical of Birther tweaking behavior. Birthers love to obsess about the minutia of governmental operations. (See generally, Butterdezillion.) Several Birthers are reported to have accidentally starved themselves to death on the hunt for 1961 Vital Statistics Protocols regarding the use of the word, African.

The argument here is that these types of postal date stamps used 4 digits (per Postal Regulations!!!) for the year (1980) and the stamp on Obama’s form only used 2 digits.(80) Therefore, the most likely reason is FORGERY!!! Well, they got the same problem they had before. They don’t have the actual piece of paper. And FORGERY is hardly the first reason I would pick. I mean, my postman is a great guy, and I always put a Christmas present on the mailbox for him.

But the Postal Service is hardy error free. I have had mis-delivered mail, and lost mail. There are videos of mailmen chunking packages over fences. There are reports of crazy mailmen stealing mail. Some even go bonkers and shoot up the work place. Ever wonder where the idiom, Going Postal, came from???

So isn’t the more likely answer arise from some postal clerk either losing the 1980 date slug(s), or  the stamp having some sort of malfunction? Why does the CCP jump straight to FORGERY!!! My guess is that the CCP did not want to hold a press conference and only have one thing to talk about, the first claim above, because that claim is totally misdirected to begin with. Plus, you can never tell when that Sneaky Obama might cough up a bumpy paper copy of the long form birth certificate and the first claim gets flushed. Probably a few days before a new Jerome R. Corsi book hits the market.

I believe this silly second claim was made so that all the Birther eggs would not be put into one basket. The CCP should have discussed this issue with their local post office to get some background, or maybe consult the Postal Inspector. Whatever, the second claim is BALONEY.

The third claim that, there is something fishy about missing Customs Records from The National Archives, is very troubling. First, there was no background information provided about the date ranges of the 685 rolls of microfilm. Supposedly the week of August 1 – August 7, 1961 was missing. But we do not know if any other information was missing. But that wasn’t the really troubling part.

What concerns me on several levels is who the CCP tapped to examine the 685 rolls – Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. If this is not a case of hiring a Possum to count the eggs in a chicken coop, then I have never seen one. Why would any professional law enforcement agency or a volunteer group used by them, hire a well-known opponent of the target of an investigation, to perform sensitive investigatory work???

Can you not just see a defense attorney ripping Corsi a new one on the stand??? Mr. Corsi, YOU removed those records from the file, didn’t YOU???  YOU hate Barack Obama don’t you, Mr. Corsi??? And when Corsi replies, “NO!!!“, can’t you see a defense attorney tearing one page at a time out of Obama Nation, deliberately rolling it into a ball, and cramming it straight up Corsi’s ____???

This was a horribly bad and unprofessional move for the CCP, and it also puts Corsi into a very bad position on a personal level. This claim proves nothing because the records are allegedly missing, and the only impact is a form of smear, where one is presumed to suspect Obama of making them disappear. But the smear has backfired in a big way, and it is the CCP and Corsi who come out looking dirty.  This claim is not just BALONEY, it is ROTTEN BALONEY.

What I have tried to do is just go over the CCP claims in a contextual, common sense fashion. The minutia does not concern me to any great degree. I do not wish to join the Antique Circular Postal Date Stamps and Slugs Collectors Club. I suspect they may be teetotalers, and surmise their conventions would suck. To me, it is the Big Picture which matters most.

The CCP can examine the online image until they are blue in the face, and it will never prove anything. However, If you want to see scientific vivisection of the CCP claims, then check out this Foggy FogBow Internet Article by Whatever4:

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the classic midget western, The Terror of Tiny Town (1938).


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8 responses to “The Cold Cut Posse – Full of Baloney!!!

  • whatever4

    Squeeks! You used my article! (But you linked to an anchor on the page, missing the splendid opening.) Can I return the favor? I’m linking to significant articles at the bottom of the page.

    I like how your devious little mind went straight to Corsi in the witness chair. I swear I’ve seen that scene on Perry Mason.

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


    I did not know that was your Internet Article. Is there a better link that I can use that gets the whole thing??? Plus I will put your name on it.

    Plus, of course you can link to mine. Maybe you will like the next one I am doing too. I would tell you more but SPOILERS!!!

    Yes, about Perry Mason. A lawyer would rip Corsi and the Posse to shreds. I listened to the presser again and Corsi tries to wiggle by saying he was not in on any of the decision making. OH, but I bet he was pulling some strings.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • jbjd

    As I didn’t watch this production; I only learned (through your ‘job application’ posting) Corsi was a key player, because of you. Thanks a lot.

    This situation reminds me of rules I was reviewing the other day, with one of my students, about multiplying and dividing with negative numbers. Multiplying 2 negative numbers yields a positive number. So, given that, WND has zero credibility; and that Jerome Corsi, also with zero credibility, works for WND; does their endorsement of Sheriff Arpaio, who has negative credibility…

    Nah. In real life, piling on to nothing, with nothing, means, nothing.

    (Interestingly, Corsi evidently credited my work in his latest book. Several comments on the CW blog indicated, his reference had solidified my credibility among several people who had previously dismissed my work on account of the fact, it went against the ‘traditional’ lines of birther orthodoxy. On the other hand, I thought, ‘Oh, my, if people with rational heads on their shoulders see Corsi’s endorsement before familiarizing themselves with my work; now; they will never credit my work!’)

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi jbjd!!!

      I was over at your blog late last night reading about Arpaio and his history. You made a much better prediction than I did. Oh well.

      I would not worry too much about the Corsi endorsement. You will probably get a lot of new readers and interesting comments. Speaking of comments, I noticed one from several weeks back, I think he was calling himself KDSB at your place. He also goes by edge919 at others. You were smart to shut him down. That one will blather on for days and weeks and his theories evolve and mutate the more he goes on.

      I have been waiting for you to critique Apuzzo’s Birther Brief Of Doom, all of 199 pages of it. My advice, is have plenty of strong coffee near by.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      • jbjd

        Hey SF,

        I consider these various tomes too inconsequential to merit my response, let alone my analysis. In the past, I did render my analyses, for the purpose of educating others in the bogosphere who not only credited this tripe but also thereby failed to take the initiative to ‘fix’ this political system using tools already available to individuals, and not dependent on these beatific hucksters. (I trust that you understand by the use of the word ‘beatific’ I am not referring to angelic countenances of these practitioners but rather, their role as ‘savior’ to the masses thus lulled into inaction while they await the promised rescue…)

        That said, I actually read Leo’s amicus brief in Farrar, at the request of a reader who, having spent hours understanding everything he said – she even took notes – read my blog and spontaneously realized, she had wasted all that time on his garbage. I found I began analyzing the narrative not from the perspective of a legal professional – after all, I knew his jive, going in – but what I can only imagine resembled the approach of a therapist, searching for the line between sanity and insanity.

        Why do you suppose so many otherwise reasonable people buy into this crap?


  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


    Why do you suppose so many otherwise reasonable people buy into this crap?

    The short answer: Primitive emotions. Reliance on legal jargon. Decrease of ethics and morality in a group setting. Self-brain washing. With the Internet, you don’t have to go to the cult, the cult can come to you.

    I think that sets up a cycle of reinforcement where the Birther can reassure himself that he is not alone. He can tune out the sound of reason.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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