The Princess Miki Syndrome

Princess Miki Took A Stab At Getting Rid Of Obstacles

Princess Miki (aka Miki “The Mad Hawaiian” Booth aka Miki Mouth) continues her Scorched Earth campaign to peddle her book, Memoirs of a Community Organizer From Hawaii. After having done the math, Princess Miki has decided that she can raise the rating of her book from 3 Stars to 5 Stars if only she can get rid of those pesky bad reviews. At present there are 10 reviews with 1 star and 10 reviews with 5 stars. The following letter from her came to me via a third party on Orly’s World FaceBook Group:

Dear Brent,

Please contact Amazon about the attacks on my book, Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i and on me personally. The people who are posting the negative attack “reviews” have been stalking me on the internet for over two years. I have proof of that on Facebook, KHON TV2 Hawai’i, Youtube and many internet blogs. Yesterday Feb 28 Partrick J. Coliano posted the same ugly so-called “review”, in fact, THE SAME WORD FOR WORD ATTACK he posted on Feb 19. This is a deliberate willful attempt to drive ratings down and discredit my book. Read the comments he, Cindy Gough Montgomery, another “Pat” and the …others “tag-teaming” attacks against the people that leave good reviews. Now readers are thinking twice before leaving a review.

A “badge of honor” doesn’t sell books. What they are doing is wrong and I would think illegal especially when I know these are the same people that are connected to the hate sites behind the death threats against Attorney Orly Taitz, Dr. Kate Vandemoer, Sharon Rondeau, myself and many others who question Barack Hussein Obama’s historical narrative. The bloggers are classically using a psychological attack weapon against us. Their hate for anyone speaking out against Obama shows plainly in their vitriolic “reviews” and the commitment they have to wearing us down.

Sources I will keep confidential for obvious reasons, contacted Amazon to complain and were rebuffed. Before we set a timeframe for the week-long Amazon.Kindle radio blitz with the offer to read my book free we must resolve what seems to be Amazon’s siding with a group tasked with killing sales of Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i.

I notice that Princess Miki is pulling out the OctPawpsychological attack weapon” excuse which the Birther Princess Types (like Princess Martha Trowbridge) use whenever they sow the winds of idiocy and reap the whirlwinds of ridicule. There is an internet Article here about it:

I see this as one symptom of the Princess Miki Syndrome (PMS), initially caused when the Birther Princess Types (male and female)  cocoon themselves in their Little Birther Echo Chambers. Inside the Chamber, life is nice, and there is much gurgling and cooing. New World Order Birthers lay down peacefully beside Vattel Birthers whose backsides are spooned up against the Phony Online Image Birthers. It is a happy, warm, and inbred little Birther love nest.  Any idiotic proposition gets congratulatory High Fives as long as it slams Obama, or the Anti-Birthers and Obots. Inside, Miki is a Princess.

Then, when the Birthers, like Princess Miki, leave the hive and venture forth outside into the Real World, they run smack dab into a Patrick Colliano, who says in his Amazon review, Very Angry…and Completely Unsubstantiated, February 28, 2012:

Miki’s “memoir” is nothing more than thinly-disguised birther propaganda. If you have an obsessive hatred of the President and are unable to accept anything short of his being declared ineligible then removed from office to be imprisoned or executed then add to that a confirmation bias that requires no evidence whatsoever to accept the most far-flung accusations, I would absolutely recommend this book.

For anyone else, this book may be a little hard to take. The author’s seething, roiling anger comes through with a stark clarity that is extremely unsettling. There are moments, as she discusses some idiotic birther notion (all of which she accepts without question…and without evidence), that her hatred and anger seems so great it can scarcely be contained. The Secret Service would be well-advised not to let her anywhere near the president.

Dispassionate observers of the eligibility non-debate are apt to be less than impressed. The author simply glibly rattles off long-refuted birther accusations with solid conviction yet gives no evidence to support any of them. The author seems to believe that vehemence is a substitute for evidence. Her rationale seems to be along the lines of, “It’s true, because I said it’s true!” She flings accusations with wild abandon, expecting that mere fervor makes them fact.

While the book is a transparent effort to forward the birther movement, Miki reveals enough about herself to show a pretty ugly side. She plainly admits, “I didn’t like Muslims,” and apparently sees nothing wrong with laughing at anti-Muslim jokes. Which makes her observation, “…you cannot argue with those whose minds are shut” a staggering piece of irony.

Miki also reveals a bit about herself that might suggest where her perpetual anger comes from: it seems she has spent some time married to an abuser. I’m not a shrink, but if I knew her personally, I would encourage her to seek professional help. Other comments she makes seem to confirm this idea. She had, for instance, convinced herself that her phone had been tapped, and that Obama had personally engineered the financial crisis.

On and on with the conspiracy theories, paranoid fears, and relentless intense anger. It’s an unnerving and creepy piece of writing, disconcerting for the wrong reasons. It doesn’t lead the reader to be concerned for the state of politics so much as for the author’s emotional well-being.

Or, she hits the Thomas Brown Speed Bump Of Sanity, who writes in his Amazon review, Utter and total garbage. A waste of good trees., February 18, 2012:

No non-fiction value whatsoever. Perhaps amusing as prurient fiction for America-haters and racist traitors, but otherwise useful only as a door-stop or fly-swatter. But factually? Lies, lies, and more lies. Every assertion made that our President is not who he says he is, is ineligible for his office, or is out to destroy America has either been completely de-bunked, or is so laughable as to not merit refutation.

Posterity will bear this out. To date, 100 Birfer lawsuits have failed, and every court in the land has found and will find that Mr. Obama is eligible for the office. Birtherism will go down in history as a pathetic failure, and Mr. Obama will be remembered as an exceptional leader of the Free World. And “community organizer” is dog-whistle doublespeak the wingnuts use because they can no longer call our President the n-word and bark “Show us your papers, boy!”

Consider: all disprovers of Birther clap-trap can give actual references. Drivel like this stinking pant-load from Ms. Booth only make unsupported assertions. Or if they provide supporting quotes, they selectively edit them so they agree with their pathetic, un-American agenda. Who can we cite in support of Obama’s eligibility? Why, lets’s start with the Congressional Research Service Report on Presidential Eligibility. The Birthers will tell you “they’re part of the cover-up!”


Personally, I wouldn’t deign to urinate on this ludicrous, transparently self-serving pile of steaming propaganda if it was on fire. I would grin and watch it burn.

God bless America, and deliver her from wackos like this “author.”

This kind of impact has to be quite a shock to the Birther emotional system.  It is like someone waking you up with a gallon of ice cold water over the head. Repeatedy. Pretty soon, you are sleeping with one eye open. No wonder Princess Miki is whining about “psychological attack weapons.” From princess to peasant in less than a second. But, when you write an EMOTION filled screed, and don’t rely on FACTS, than any negative review is of necessity, less a review of the FACTS and more a review of the EMOTIONS. And the Author.

Fortunately, the cure is pretty simple. Birthers should just get out in the Real World more often. More contact with sane and rational people and less contact with batpoop crazy Birthers, and one’s whole World View might change. It is the reason your parents did not want you hanging around with the Wrong Crowd. There will still be disagreements, but they won’t be viewed as assaults upon one’s psyche. Even a Princess Miki can be cured. Hopefully, one day, she will write a book about being trapped in The Birther Cult, and how she escaped. Now that would be worth reading.

As a side issue, this little tidbit emerged from Princess Miki’s Magic Kingdom:

Miki Booth: Charles Manson’s groupie Squeeky Fromm did a hit piece on me calling me, Mickey Mouth “The Mad Hawaiian” I’m flattered by the names and her attempt to trash me only worked on her fans who went rabid. LOL

Sooo, if any of my fans have not had their shots, please get them now. Rabies is nothing to play around with!!! Just look at Jerome Corsi. You don’t want to end up like that, do you???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a picture of Joan Sutherland playing the role of Lucia, in the Opera,  Lucia di Lammermoor. Here is a youtube video of her playing The Mad Scene:

Wiki notes:

The plot of Sir Walter Scott’s original novel is based on an actual incident that took place in 1669 in the Lammermuir Hills area of  Lowland Scotland. The real family involved were the Dalrymples. While the libretto retains much of Scott’s basic intrigue, it also contains very substantial changes in terms of characters and events. In Scott’s novel, it is her mother, Lady Ashton, not Enrico, who is the villain and evil perpetrator of the whole intrigue. Also, Laird of Bucklaw was only wounded by Lucia after their unfortunate wedding, and he later recovered, went abroad, and survived them all.

In the opera, Lucia’s descent into insanity is more speedy and dramatic and very spectacular, while, in the book, it is a little bit mysterious and ambiguous. Also, in the novel, Edgardo and Lucia’s last talk and farewell (supervised by her mother) is far less melodramatic and more calm, though the final effect is equally devastating for both of them. At the end of the novel, Master of the Ravenswood disappears (his body never found) and is presumably killed in some sort of an accident on his way to have his duel with Lucia’s older brother; therefore, he does not commit a spectacular, operatic style suicide with a stiletto on learning of Lucia death.

Maybe this is where Stiletto Hills came from???

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