World Net Daily’s “Fan of the Year”

One Should Not Let Their Fans Get Out Of Hand

Thanks to Milo Milosovich at Orly’s World FaceBook Page for posting this video!!!

Here is one of World Net Daily’s many enthusiastic fans, Rudy, volunteering for public service:

Kudos to Jerome Corsi and Sheriff Joe for inspiring young people like Rudy to get involved in politics!!!  Don’t be shy, guys.  Put him on your front page. You worked hard for this, so don’t be modest.  C’mon, take the credit.


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. Yes, that really is a hand fan. Here is where you can inquire:


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5 responses to “World Net Daily’s “Fan of the Year”

  • David Farrar

    “…once this thing goes to court.” This is more than the occupy movement uses to justify itself.

    ex animo

    • Thomas Brown

      Sure. There’s no justification for a populist civil-disobedience protest movement like “Occupy.”

      Except for the Big Business Community choosing to send Americans’ jobs overseas, Wal-Mart-ize America, import cheap Chinese goods, destroy whole communities’ worth of small businesses, drive down wages to stagnation level for 30 years, do away with benefits, bust unions, decimate the middle class, dismantle banking regulations, precipitate the biggest recession since the 1930’s, eliminate environmental protections, shield income from fair taxation using sham sub-corporations overseas, pay CEOs utterly preposterous salaries and guaranteed bonuses no matter what happens, bribe Congress to make sure they can continue to bribe Congress and do pretty much whatever they want, shield the top 1% from sharing any of the economic suffering they themselves cause the rest of us…

      Yeah, you’re right… Occupy’s pretty much got nothing.

    • TheEuropean

      Mr. Farrar,

      until lately I had a good feeling about you. This is diminishing.

      You are too eager to defend this bloodthursty guy.

      You announced to accept Judge Malihi´s decision and appealed anyhow. Had you a secret caveat like “if he decides for me” ?

      You still want Mrs. Taitz to represent you before the Supremes. Have you made a secret arrangement in the famous “Dental Chair Of Love” ?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

      The European

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    Hi David!!!

    Somehow, that little statement, “once this thing goes to court” does not reassure me. Rudy is a little too eager, if you know what I mean.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • Reality Check

    David “this thing” has been to court over 100 times. There have been multiple defeats every week for the last few weeks (including your case in Georgia).

    It now turns out that Mike Zullo has he head so far up Jerome Corsi’s butt that the CCP has instigated a new investigation on his whereabouts. Have you seen the latest explanation on why he is selling the report for profit?

    He claims the media is being threatened to the point that folks have actually quit their jobs in fear. (He gave no examples of course). If that is true why did he turn down a two hour radio interview offer?

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