An Epidemiological Investigation Of Viral Birther BS

Though There Are Some Disturbing Side Effects, Being Physically Connected To The Internet Allows For Very Rapid Dissemination Of Information

It is rare that one gets the chance to observe an outbreak of Viral Birther Baseless Speculation  aka Birther BS at the very beginning.  Usually, by the time the outbreak is diagnosed, the particular mutation will have already spread out of control making it impossible to accurately trace its beginning.

However such a chance now presents itself, and The Birther Think Tank wants to alert all Anti-Birthers and Obots to the outbreak so that the spread can be charted. In epidemiology, this is called an outbreak investigation. The initial infection occurred at Mario “The Mangler” Apuzzo, Esq.’s website in the comment section.  The infected Birther calls herself SaipanAnnie.   On March 6, 2012 at 4:47 pm, someone named Unknown posted a comment. Within 14 hours SaipanAnnie became infected and contagious. Since SaipanAnnie repeats the relevant parts of Unknown’s comment, I will just provide her comment, which occurred at March 7, 2012 at 6:12 AM. Here is the first pustule:


‘Unknown’ says:

Since a newborn is not in position to know where it is born or who its parents are, Obama can never know for certain about these matters save by using perhaps DNA for the latter and very reliable documentation for the former! If he were born in Kenya then his step-grandmother would be telling the truth. Otherwise, there may not be any living person who knows where he was born. Unless, of course the story that says Malcolm X was his father and a different but living woman his mother turns out to be true. And of course the living mother would know where he was born–and probably who the father was!
This is such a tangle it is the stuff of dreams….
Though we may never be able to prove that Obama was not born in Hawaii, it seems unlikely that he could ever prove that he was. And one would think that the burden of proof necessarily rested with him in this matter.
However, to conclude, I do not think Obama possesses certainty about either his parentage or his place of birth. This may actually make it easier for him to go along with what is obviously a lot of fraud and deception.

Well, BARI, its seems that you are doing much desperate thinking these last few hours of your life as a free man regarding how to worm out of the fraud you have created for yourself. Too bad you are on your own now, no Fred Newman to do the thinking for you. Well here is something to be sure of: this time your lies will not fly, not even with the biggest fool.

Do you really believe that you can like your father Malcolm “reinvent” your so-called birth story once more? If so you are completely psycho. You are OUT of reinventions, except for the big one that is coming, BARI M. SHABAZZ, JAIL BIRD.

So put THAT in your next book.

This time though your readers will only read to laugh and spit at you.

As for you stating that the real truth about your father and mother is ‘the stuff of dreams”, no, YOUR GARBAGE BIO is THE STUFF OF DELUSION AND LIES, all to SNEAK your sorry sack into The White House so you could do for your father and your sicko Uncle Fred what they could not, DESTROY AMERICA. You were nothing but their fool on a fool’s errand and now where are they to help you when you need them.

You have much idiocy to say Though we may never be able to prove that Obama was not born in Hawaii, it seems unlikely that he could ever prove that he was. How stupid is this to think never mind to say?! Every person who is born and recorded by the hospital and state can prove where he was born. With all the lying you have had to do all these years did you forget the sob story you wrote in DREAMS about finding your birth certificate? Who do you think you are deluding it is only your pathetic self.

As for your mother it seems she is a saint to not stand up and tell the world how sick in the soul and head you are. May be by now she is so disgusted with you she will turn you in.

Then what lies will you spread around America? It will not matter, will it, no one in their right mind will listen to you.

March 7, 2012 6:12 AM

It is apparent from the above copy and paste, that SaipanAnnie has baselessly speculated that Unknown is none other than Barack Obama, also baselessly speculated to be one and the same as, Bari Shabazz. Here is the link;

From SaipanAnnie, the infection next spread to Sharon Rondeau at The Post and Email. The incubation period was less than 18 hours, because Rondeau was already infected and contagious on March 7, 2012, the date she published the Birther BS. I do not have a more exact estimate of the incubation period because I do not subscribe to her website. Here is a picture of the page. You may click on the Image to make it larger:

Secondary Infection Site

Here is the link to the Secondary Infection Site:

At present, the outbreak has not seemed to spread. Perhaps the epidemic has been slowed by the fee charged by Ms. Rondeau to access the Internet Articles at her website.  It is possible that the wealthier elite  Birthers, who can afford the $2.00 per month, may be in better physical condition and have stronger immune systems. But this is only a theory.

At any rate, I suggest that readers keep their eyes open and report the spread of this particular strain.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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