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UPDATE: On March 13, 2012 Leo Donofrio made it official and retired his blog saying:

After long consideration and discussion with my family, I am saying goodbye to this blog and the law. I am retiring my law license and will be concentrating on making films, and writing music.

Good riddance!!!

Here is my prediction from November 18, 2011, which I have re-blogged on March 14, 2012. Thanks to Patrick Colliano, from Orly’s World FaceBook Page for bringing this to my attention. What follows is the original blog:

Well, it seems that Leo Donofrio, Esq., aka The Paraclete,  has given up the ghost!!! After unrelenting pressure from The Birther Think Tank slamming his goofy and idiotic characterization and interpretation of the 1875 Minor v. Happersett case, he has changed up his website to where he will only accept comments from attorneys who use their real name.


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  • David Farrar

    The Minor v Happersett case, and its nbC precedent, lives on because it never depended upon Leo, once exposed.

    Take me for example. Before reading Leo’s work, I instinctively knew there was something basically wrong with where the founding fathers started out and where the SCOTUS is at present. It was just a matter of time before someone who knew a little about the law and the SCOTUS started backtracking the various court decisions until he got to the obvious turning point, which, of course, was the Wong Kim Ark decision.

    It will be the Wong Kim Ark decision that will not stand the test of time, not Minor v Happersett decision.

    ex animo

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi David!!!

      Well, I hope Leo Donofrio tries to atone for his many sins in this and admits that he was just plain wrong, That is the least he could do for all the people he snookered with his mis-characterization of the law. But I am not holding my breath waiting for him.

      Until he tries to make it right, my words to him are:

      Distress be unto you, Leo.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    • TheEuropean

      Mr. Farrar,

      as far as I know YOU have given up, also too ? No more appeals ? You accept the Georgia decision, like you have promised ?



    • Reality Check

      Secretary of State Kemp Certifies Presidential Preference Primary Results

      Atlanta – Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp today certified the results for the March 6, 2012 Presidential Preference Primary. The certified results can be found on the Secretary of State’s website:

      David who?

    • Dave B.

      Not only did Chief Justice Waite specifically decline to establish an exclusive definition of natural born citizen, he added others to the class of persons your favorite exclusive definition of natural born citizen would be limited to. He begins by quoting the Naturalization Act of 1790 (an actual U.S. law, and not a foreigner’s philosophical treatise translated from the French):
      “…that the children of citizens of the United States that might be born beyond the sea, or out of the limits of the United States, should be considered as natural-born citizens. These provisions thus enacted have, in substance, been retained in all the naturalization laws adopted since. In 1855, however, the last provision was somewhat extended, and all persons theretofore born or thereafter to be born out of the limits of the jurisdiction of the United States, whose fathers were, or should be at the time of their birth, citizens of the United States, were declared to be citizens also.”
      Which kind of reduces the standing of your exclusive definition.

    • Reality Check

      Someone at the Fogbow came up with the monicker David Fubar. Now that there is funny. Especially in light of the latest motion by Fubar and Judy Judy Judy.

  • Dave B.

    You can say what you want to about the Parakeet, but that “Dream of the Portugal Keeper” is a catchy little ditty.

  • Reality Check

    FARRAR|JUDY v OBAMA – Order Denying Emergency Motion for Reconsideration – Denied

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