Corsi Goes Postal With Hearsay Evidence!!!

Pravda Ran The Postman Story As "Ding-a-ling! Ding-a-ling!"

Well,  Jerome Corsi, or simply “Jerry“, as he is known to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and The Cold Case Posse  has done gone and found some more rock-solid evidence that Obama, or some other foreign student with a strange sounding name, was born in either Kenya, or maybe Indonesia, was helped out by the socialist Ayers family, and that the young black man said he was going to be President one day.

Corsi’s source this time, is 69 year old, retired Chicago postman, Allen Hulton. Here is an excerpt from the story:

Sometimes Mary [Ayers] would be out when I delivered the mail, and we would exchange a few words on occasion,” he says, recalling that she liked to talk about her family. “One day, Mary came to the door when I came up to the house with the mail,” he remembers. “After a greeting, she started enthusiastically talking to me about this young black student they were helping out, and she referred to him as a foreign student.”

Hulton assumed that by “helping” the student, Mary Ayers meant she and her husband were financially supporting the black foreign-exchange student with his education. He says that Mary Ayers told him the student’s name, but that it was a “strange name” that he could not remember, even though at the time it sounded African to him.“I was taken aback by how enthusiastic she was about him,” Hulton says. “And I believe she said he was from either Kenya or Indonesia, and I favor Indonesia in my recollection.”)

Hulton remembers asking the young man what his plans were for the future. “He looked right at me and told me he was going to be president of the United States,” Hulton says.

“There was a little bit of a grin on his face when he said it – he sounded sure of himself, but not arrogant. I know how people will say things because they have an ambition, but it did not come across that way,” Hulton says. “It came across as if this young black male was telling me he was going to be president, almost as if it were the statement of a scientific fact that had already been determined, as if his being president had been already pre-arranged.”

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Hulton observed several news reports detailing the relationship between Obama and Bill Ayers, and he recalled the encounter with the young man in front of Tom and Mary Ayers’ home.“The facial and physical characteristics, as well as candidate Obama’s voice, matched that of the young black male I met in front of the Ayers’ home,” Hulton says in the affidavit he signed Nov. 12, 2011, for Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation.

“I am positive that the black male I spoke with in front of the Ayers’ house that day was indeed a young Barack Obama.”

The rest of this fascinating story, including all the Ayers’ Family background, and a video excerpt of an interview between Jerry Corsi and Hulton can be found here:

This is the kind of thing, a sworn affidavit,  that technically might meet the definition of evidence, but has little  in the way of what the lawyers call probative value.  Assuming it was even admissible. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law (2008) defines probative  as:

Evidence has probative value if it tends to prove an issue. However, probative value may refer to whether the evidence is admissible. Rules of evidence generally state that relevant evidence, which tends to prove or disprove an alleged fact, may be excluded if its probative value is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice, confusion of the issues, or misleading the jury, or by considerations of undue delay, waste of time, or needless presentation of cumulative evidence. A trial court must use a Balancing test to make this determination, but rules of evidence generally require that relevant evidence with probative value be excluded only if it is substantially outweighed by one of the dangers described in the rule.

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

But, because all the really fun information came to Hulton via Mary Ayers, who died in 2000, this is hearsay evidence. Hulton is not able to testify of his own knowledge whether or not the person truly was a foreign student, or where he was from, because all this information came from the deceased Mary Ayers.  Hulton can’t provide probative evidence of the name of the person he met, where the person was from, or whether he was a foreign student or not.

What can Hulton testify to of either his own knowledge, or from statements made by the young black man he met ??? Here it is:

My name is Allen Hulton and sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990’s I met a young Black man in Chicago who I think was Barack Obama, and he told me that he was going to be President one day.

WOW!!! What a tremendous piece of probative evidence that Jerome Corsi, Ph.D has uncovered!!!

Sadly, this is about par for World Net Daily, Jerome “Jerry” Corsi, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and The Cold Case Posse. And they all wonder why their silly little investigations get ignored by the major media.

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18 responses to “Corsi Goes Postal With Hearsay Evidence!!!

  • Safec

    Good, and timely, article Squeeky. Woke up this morning and heard the local talk radio breathlessly announcing this subject. The same hosts did a almost all show exposé when Arpaio did his circus on March 1. When I wrote to them because I couldn’t call in, the reply was a cut and paste Apuzzo’s quoted-mined Minor v, Happersett paragraph with the key sentence cut off.

  • David Farrar

    This is the type of sworn anecdotal evidence one would expect to fall out of the woodwork when pursuing the truth. By contract, there is absolutely no sworn anecdotal evidence produced in the three years of the Obama presidency that supports his story line.

    ex animo

    • roadburner

      you know david, when you told me you were going to use orly for the georgia hearing, i thought you´d made a simple mistake.

      but if you´re going to swallow this bullshit, i´m afraid you might have other issues here.

      i met elvis last year y´know? he had a funny haircut and said he was the king of rock n roll……

    • Doubtful

      David, has it really gotten to the point where you think “sworn anecdotal evidence” carries weight comparable to the official records of the State of Hawaii?

      I don’t know whether it’s true that there’s been no “sworn anecdotal evidence” produced by the Obama side, but isn’t a more relevant question whether your side has produced a single piece of competent, admissible evidence showing that he was born somewhere other than Hawaii?

      • Monkey Boy

        D. Farrar loves to cite non-evidence (sworn or unsworn) as proof of something, but he can’t say what. Like Dylan’s Thin Man, he sees something going on, but he “don’t know what it is.”

        He conjures up imaginary evidence from his ample bottom, such as, Kapiolani Hospital claiming that it still has records from fifty years ago. When challenged for a citation, he claims that anyone can “look it up.”

        It difficult, indeed, to look up something that doesn’t exist. So, I call Mr. Farrar a serial liar unless he can produce. It’s not a mistake, he knows better

  • Thomas Brown

    Yeah, right, David. Somebody grew the President in a lab somewhere and fabricated all the documents. I suspect the Easter Bunny.

    You are not interested in the truth. If you were, you’d realize how preposterous you sound.

    There is a mountain of documentary evidence and potential sworn evidence to be had, should a legitimate inquiry ever reach a court. But it won’t, because everyone can see what you can’t: that there is not a shred of credibility to any doubts about BHO’s past.

  • whatever4

    Uh… David, have you actually looked at some of the “anecdotal evidence” that I’ve compiled? There’s 3 very very long pages of interviews and pictures, publications and documents, all supporting the “theory” that Obama was born in Hawaii, spent 4 years as a child in Indonesia, finished his schooling in Hawaii, went to college, worked, ran for office.

    Oddly, no one thought he was a foreign student born in another country. You’d think if a mailman in some Chicago suburb was told that this “foreign student” was going to be President of the US, a few other people might have known. That’s what doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Starting here:

    • David Farrar

      I was talking about independent, corroborative evidence. A group of family photos are not independent, such as the local mailman’s testimony.

      While we are at it, even taking into account this selection of family photos, this is a minuscule amount of anecdotal evidence when compared to other presidents, their personal histories, educational histories, personal backgrounds et cetera.

      ex animo

      • whatever4

        So, did you do more than look at the first page? I linked to the index page. There’s interviews with landlords, friends of parents, schoolmates, teachers, neighborhood people, his basketball team… and that’s just the first page.

      • roadburner

        oh god! want me to throw you another straw to grab onto?

        where´s the birth cert – presented

        no, where´s the real one – presented

        where´s his records – easily followed and found when not witheld by law.

        AHA! where´s his family photos! there´s not enough of them!

        for fucks sake david, if you don´t like the guy, fine. but you´re swallowing everything the birfoons eject like a hooker giving a 20 dollar blowjob and making yourself look ridiculous.

        step back, look at what you´re reading, and then what you´re writing.

      • Doubtful

        @David Farrar — “I was talking about independent, corroborative evidence.”

        Is “corroborative evidence” what you think the mailman’s story is?

        Tell us, of what is it corroborative? What is the principal evidence that the mailman’s story corroborates?

        Because if you’re saying that his story corroborates some vague, unsubstantiated speculation about the President having been born in maybe Kenya or Indonesia or something like that, I think that your use of the word has no discernible meaning.

      • Reality Check

        I think “Sworn Anecdotal Evidence 305” is an advanced 5 credit course at Taft Law Skool.

  • bob

    Farrar ought to ask his attorney for the definition of “hearsay.”

  • Frank Bolivar

    “My name is Allen Hulton and sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990′s I met a young Black man in Chicago who I think was Barack Obama, and he told me that he was going to be President one day.”

    And that, my friends, makes him ineligible to be president.


  • Monkey Boy

    Where and when did Kapiolani Hospital claim to have records from fifty years ago?

    You lie…shamelessly.

  • Mitch

    Strange how the guy said “either from Kenya or Indonesia.” These aren’t countries one would normally confuse with each other. It would be like saying “either France or Japan” or “Spain or Australia”.

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