The Girl Reporter Who Knew Too Much!!!

A Little Too Much Giallo, And The Girl Reporter Was Out Like A Light

I have become The Girl Reporter Who Knew Too Much. Tonight, I had a sudden revelation of exactly how the Birthers could file a lawsuit which has an excellent chance of yielding them access to Obama’s long form birth certificate. It is different. It is offbeat. But I have run the idea past my BFF Fabia Sheen, Esq., a lawyer, and when she finished LHAO, she said that it was a very good idea, and had a good chance of succeeding.

Sooo, now I have to decide what to do. My instincts are to reveal the idea to the world and let the chips fall where they may. The Birthers will probably take my idea and run with it, filing suits in every berg across the country. And, they stand a great chance of getting what they want – – – access to a paper copy of Obama’s long form (not short form) birth certificate.

But, is that the right thing to do??? The type of thing I have in mind would be hilarious to watch. And the Birthers are bound to try it. They couldn’t resist. It is too clever and too diabolical not to appeal to them. Just think, I could end up accomplishing,  and in a fun way, what Taitz,  Apuzzo, Kerchner, Donofrio, Corsi, Sheriff Joe, and all the others couldn’t do.

But, I have to mull this over.   Thinking of something that no one else on the Whole Planet has thought of is a lot of responsibility. This decision might take a day or two. But, when you are The Girl Reporter Who Knows Too Much, you become a target. I have seen too many of these kind of movies and I know how they end. This is the kind of stuff I worry about:

What if the Cold Case Posse comes knocking on my door??? Or sends Jerome “Jerry” Corsi to interrogate me???

What if Orly Taitz, Esq.  sues me to find out what I know??? Do I go to court to fight her, or do I just send one of my chairs to do the talking???

What if Walter Fitzpatrick tries to make a citizen’s arrest on me???

What if Dianna Cotter rats me out in Pravda, and the Russian Mob shows up???

What if Mario Apuzzo, Esq. lays another 200 page single-spaced Brief From Hell on me??? I could end up needing a lobotomy.

I can think of a lot more bad things that could happen as I try to make up my mind.  Sooo, I am locking the door, closing the blinds, and getting out my tin foil.

You just can’t be too careful.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is Letitia Roman from the 1963 giallo film, The Girl Who Knew Too Much. Or, as it is sometimes called, The Evil Eye. Wiki says:

The Girl Who Knew Too Much (Italian: La ragazza che sapeva troppo) is a 1963 Italian giallo film. Directed by Italian filmmaker Mario Bava, the film stars John Saxon as Dr. Marcello Bassi and Letícia Román as Nora Davis. The plot revolves around a young woman named Nora, who travels to Rome and witnesses a murder. The police and Dr. Bassi don’t believe her since a corpse can’t be found. Several more murders tied to a decade-long string of killings of victims chosen in alphabetical order by surname follow.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much is considered to be the first giallo film, a film genre with a mixture of thriller, sexploitation and horrorconventions.[1] This was Bava’s last film shot in Black-and-white.[2]

The Girl Who Knew Too Much was released by American International Pictures for the American market. They re-titled the film as The Evil Eye cutting large amounts of the film and rescoring the entire film.[3] Changes include removing all references to marijuana, adding some more comedic scenes, and replacing the jazz score with one described as a “more noisy” one performed by Les Baxter.[2]

Note 2. Giallo Films. Wiki says:

Giallo (Italian pronunciation: [ˈdʒallo], plural gialli) is an Italian 20th century genre of literature and film, which in Italian indicates crime fiction and mystery. In the English language it refers to a genre similar to the French fantastique genre and includes elements of horror fiction and eroticism. The word giallo is Italian for “yellow” and stems from the origin of the genre as a series of cheap paperback mystery novels with trademark yellow covers.

Giallo is also a type of Wine grape.


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