P.O.E., Proof Of Eligibility!!! (Or, The Strange Love Of The Birthers)

While I Appreciate Your Help, Group Captain Mandrake, You Will Never Be Legit

World Net Daily ran a story a few days ago asking whether or not the military is purging Birthers from its ranks. Here is an excerpt:

As WND reported, Marine Sgt. Gary Stein is under investigation and facing possible discharge over a Facebook page he created for military members to speak out called Armed Forces Tea Party, in which he, too, questioned Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president under the U.S. Constitution.

Since its inception in 2010, the page has been critical of Obama and his policies. Stein said he had been warned about by superiors to be careful with what he said, but after he posted a comment about the president’s birth certificate possibly being a forgery, the Marine Corps suddenly became more interested in his postings.

According to Maj. Mike Armistead the public affairs officer at MCRD San Diego, on March 8 the Marine Corps began a preliminary inquiry after receiving allegations that Stein had “posted political statements about the president of the United States on his Facebook web page titled ‘Armed Forces Tea Party.’” No mention was made about Stein’s post on a Facebook group.

While Armistead would not say which comments the Corps had a problem with, on March 4 – five days before the investigation began – Stein posted a link to a YouTube video about the investigation by Maricopa County Sheriff County Joe Arpaio with a statement, “Just in case you forgot … I’m sticking to my guns and saying that president, so-called President Obama’s brith [sic] certificate is a fake.”

Here is the link to the rest of the story:


Well, after having seen the film, Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb (1964), I certainly hope the military is purging the Birthers!!! Is there any difference between General Jack. D Ripper carrying on about P.O.E. purity of essence, and the Birthers carrying on about P.O.E. proof of eligibility???

Do we really want someone having their finger on the nuclerar button who can not understand that these five sentences from Minor v . Happersett left the issue open about the children of foreigners:

At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first. For the purposes of this case it is not necessary to solve these doubts.

The Birthers are delusively convinced that not necessary to solve these doubts means solved these doubts.  Imagine the Birther nuclear submarine captain, with these instructions:

If you temporarily lose satellite communication with Submarine Command, it might mean we are at nuclear war with the ChiComs. But there are doubts. For the purposes of this scenario, it is not necessary to solve these doubts.  Simply switch to alternative communication channels in accordance with. . .

who then delusively believes that there are no doubts, and issues the command to NUKE THE CHICOMS!!!

Frankly, having stupid, delusional, paranoid, conspiracy theorist-type people around big things that go KERBOOM is never a good idea.  Mental hospitals routinely keep such people away from sharp objects, baseball bats, and heavy machinery. Even a strongly pro-2nd Amendment population thinks there is nothing wrong with keeping maniacs away from guns.

Sooo, even if the military is purging the Birthers from service, is that a bad thing???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the 1964 film, Dr. Strangelove. Here is a good review of that part:



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14 responses to “P.O.E., Proof Of Eligibility!!! (Or, The Strange Love Of The Birthers)

  • David Farrar

    Okay, whose finger do you want on the nuclear button: A naturalized citizen at birth without any established allegiance to support and abide the Constitution of the United States, or a natural born United States citizen of one allegiance from birth to support and abide by the Constitution of the United States?

    ex animo

    • Andy

      That’s assuming that being related to someone creates any sort of allegiance.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t, really.

    • Northland10

      Of course, David. The founders were quite worried about whose finger was on the nuclear button. That is why the made sure there was no foreign influence in the new country by following the words of the great American, Vattel.

    • Monkey Boy

      A stupid question from several different views. If it were possible for a naturalized citizen attain the presidency, the origins of his citizenship would not be a predictor of how responsible he would be concerning nuclear weapons, affinity for the United States, or judgement in general. For instance, I would prefer to see Jennifer Granholm with the football over NBC, John McCain who probably would have gotten us all blown up by now.

      An even more stupid inference is that President Obama is not a natural-born citizen.

    • roadburner

      well david, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your president has never been through the naturalisation process as it wasn´t neccesary because he´s an NBC.

      phew! that was lucky wasn´t it? imagine if the button was being controlled by a kenyan!


  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    Hi David!!!

    Well, I wouldn’t want Jared Loughner’s finger on it for sure. I prefer natural born citizens, but Obama is one. Which I would probably prefer a Republican’s finger, but then again, Bush Jr. sent us into Iraq for some ungodly reason.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • RoadScholar

    The Republican Party ran Sarah Palin (egad!) as potentially being a heartbeat away from having HER finger on the button.

    Oh, wait, I forgot…. she was born in Canada. Never mind.

  • Charles Tanz


    I did one of the two poems I promised. One more in the next two weeks and you have to give me a link.


    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      Hi Charles!!!

      That was a very interesting poem. I had never thought there was that much “mystery” in the words, “here” and “there.” You really have a unique talent for focusing in on things other people would completely miss.

      But I really loved your Sheriff Joe poem. Do you mind if I feature it here one day??? Plus, there are some really interesting Birthers, like one named CDR Kerchner, who is a Navy man. And Jerome Corsi. And others who probably need epic poems so they will be remembered forever.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    • Monkey Boy

      Bravo, Charles!

      I enjoyed it and I encourage you to continue to hone your skills and let your talent emerge.

      Practice makes perfect.

  • Monkey Boy

    How will Mark Glizard spin that!

  • Sam McMurdo

    @ex ano David Farrar

    Superb inshight! You have proved that President Obama cannot possibly be anything other than a natural born citizen because he would have certainly blown us all up by now if he were anything else!!

    That’s certainly proof up to birther standard.

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