Did The Cold Case Posse Dry Gulch The “Two Citizen-Parents” Birthers???

Accused Of  Shooting Hopalong Happersett In The Back, The Two Lawyers  Swore They Had Done Nothing!!!

One of the mysteries about Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse (CCP), is who the posse members are. We know about Deputy Mike Zullo, part-time author, because he conducted the original press conference on March 1, 2012. And, from his prestigious reputation as an author. Or, more accurately, co-author along with Acting Deputy Jerome “Jerry” Corsi, who has a part-time job with World Net Daily:


What little bit we do know about the CCP is that it was composed of 2 lawyers and 3 private investigators. See the transcript of the news conference at lines 82-85, where Deputy Zullo says:

82    We put together a group of five individuals: three former
83    police officers, all with criminal investigative experiences from other agencies, as
84    well as being trained by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office General Investigation
85    Division. We also brought in two attorneys so we could get some solid legal input.

Sheriff Arpaio News Conference Transcript

One of the attorneys is apparently Denise O’Rourke, Esq., who graduated cum laude from Whittier Law School in 1992.  We do not know who the other lawyer was.  Nor do we know whether or not the CCP took a vote from its members before releasing its findings, and whether or not there were any dissents. But these lawyers must have actually done part of their job properly and professionally, because the CCP has not said a word about the silly two citizen-parents Birther theory.

My assumption is that the two lawyers told them that theory was a bunch of hogwash and not to go there.  Because if they hadn’t, alleging that Obama wasn’t eligible for the office in the first place would have been some nice icing on the cake for Arpaio, Corsi, and the rest of the CCP.  An endorsement of the theory would not have been essential since the CCP is going down the birth certificate road, but they could have given a shout out to the Apuzzo-Donofrio-Kerchner type Birthers.

Ignoring the Vattel nonsense could just be the result of doing the right thing, or it could be that the two citizen-parents theory is so blatantly idiotic that the two lawyers were too embarrassed to throw out that particular mud-ball.  But what is really strange, is the deafening silence from the Minor v. Happersett Birther ideologues. You would think that they would be all over the CCP for not confirming their particular brand of  foolishness.

Maybe they are too caught up in the dizzying swirl of Forgerygate  to notice that they have been dry gulched, and left for the buzzards, in the Great Arroyo of Absurd Beliefs. But I predict they will soon awaken.

Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the oater,  Outlaw Trail  (1944), starring Hoot Gibson.

Note 2. Dry-Gulch.

dry-gulch   [drahy-guhlch]

verb (used with object) Informal

1. to ambush with the intent of killing or severely mauling: The riders were dry-gulched by bandits.

2.to betray by a sudden change of attitude or allegiance: The party dry-gulched its chief candidate at the convention.

For an actual act of dry gulching which was related to a Court, and a judge, and legal differences, see this:


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6 responses to “Did The Cold Case Posse Dry Gulch The “Two Citizen-Parents” Birthers???

  • Monkey Boy

    How many cartridges does Bad Bob’s six-shooter hold?

  • John Woodman

    Ignoring the Vattel nonsense could just be the result of doing the right thing, or it could be that the two citizen-parents theory is so blatantly idiotic that the two lawyers were too embarrassed to throw out that particular mud-ball.

    I’m voting on the latter.

  • MrBrown

    It’s got to be evident to all that the CCP is a Marketing effort, vs. being an effort to develop a case that would oust the duly elected POTUS. Yes, Corsi (who is the Single mastermind (sic) and decider in this particular CCP) wants to Smear Obama – Jerry is after all, a Switftboater trying desperately to relive that highpoint of his career, like some faded, fattened, forgotten movie star in the 1920s. But doing the hard work of diligently creating real Evidence with which to wage a legal assault on Obama – that is not what the CCP ever was or will be. Its a 100% Sales ploy, nothing more. Its Carney barking with a slightly different pitch then the other guys who are waving their hands and trying to attract the ever dwindling number of birthers who loiter along BirtherRow, which is the dimmest, dingiest back lane of the FreakShow. Like the decrepit PeepShow section of a city, only the weirdest pervs feel at home there and keep going there; they do so because are addicted to what the sleazeshops are peddling, and feel unwanted everywhere else. Who also goes there are those who are amused and curious about the weird birthers, or are keeping them under surveillance.
    But to those trying to make a living sucking money out of the birther pervs, like Jerome Corsi, everything he does is very low class retail Marketing.
    He had to differentiate his product, his “conspiracy theories” from the rest of the birther shops, who all spout Vattel Vattel Vattel in each and every one of their lawsuits and websites. Think of him as that one adult book store in the city’s scuzzziest part of town putting up a new display and a flashing neon light and begins advertising “product” that is slightly different from the rest of the competitors for Birther bucks. What he is selling is still the same sleaze merchandised to appeal to the same small crowd of birther perv addicts. The intent and content peddled by all of the birther shops is just as ugly as the others, and it all comes from the same lowest part of the human soul.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


      Those are very good points about the purpose of the CCP. I also wonder if one of the points of the findings is simply to give some credibility and legitimacy to WND and Birthers in general, to show that they are not completely nuts to the non-birther world.

      Particularly Farah, who particularly runs with some Republican Big Dogs on occasion. Birthers have been looking for “one honest judge”, who if they ever found one would be overturned in a minute. Sooo for now, they have “one dishonest posse” to animate them.

      Farah and Corsi have to know that if they ever got access to any documents it would prove them wrong.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

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