DOJ To Investigate Taitz!!! Fogbow Members To Help!!!

Meanwhile, Taitz Found Herself Rooting Around Down In Mississippi With The Fogbow Posse Hot On Her Trail

I have it on Good Authority that Orly Taitz, Esq. has tried to raid the Hen House and caused Obama to suffer one too many times. Now, the DOJ is working on an investigation of Taitz, and has turned to members of several “Obot” websites to help. Apparently people at these websites had advance notice of this investigation, and had already formed “posses” in anticipation. These websites include:

The Reality Check Radio Red Hot Posse (formed on March 7, 2012)

Dr. Conspiracy’s OctPaw Posse (formed on March 1, 2012)

The Fogbow Secret Undercover Posse (formed on xxxxxxx)

The Fogbow Posse is SECRET, and therefore no public link is available.  However, Special Deputy Sterngard Friegen, has already been tapped for an assignment in Mississippi. Here is a link to the copy of his Pro Hoc Vice application:

Orly Taitz is none too happy with this development. Here are some excerpts from a DRAFT response she has at her website:

Opposition to pro hac vice for Scott J Tepper

Today Taitz received a copy of pro hac vice application of one Scott J. Tepper, who is seeking  admission pro hac vice in order to oppose Taitz in the case at hand.

Tepper is an individual who engaged in a four year vendetta and harassment of the Plaintiff Orly Taitz. Tepper, who posts under the name Sterngart Friegen, and his cohorts created an attack site called “Fogbow” . Tepper (Sterngard Friegen ) spent hours defaming Taitz on the pages of the website “Fogbow”.    Supporters of Taitz found over 2,000 defmatory statements about Taitz made by Tepper/Sterngard Friegen.

Additionally, as a part time investigator for the California bar Tepper attempted to interfere with Taitz practice of law and engaged in de facto and possibly de jure  prosecutorial misconduct as he sent multiple e-mails with complaints and an official complaint to the bar against Taitz. At the end California bar decided not to act on any of the complaints by Tepper, however Tepper’s actions cost Taitz an enormous loss of time,  financial and emotional resources.

Tepper’s obsession with harassment of Taitz led to a whole “Fogbow” convention in Phoenix, Arizona, which was subsidized by an unknown donor, where Tepper and his cohorts worked out plans of sabotaging work by Taitz and others to bring Obama to justice. One of Tepper’s co-horts [] threatened Taitz that “men in black will come after her and this will not be a pleasant visit”. Tepper, [] and a few other big supporters of Obama used their positions with state and federal government to attack and defame Taitz, derail and sabotage her work and shield Obama from prosecution for elections fraud and use of forged documents.

Tepper is a big supporter of Obama, who gave large donations to Obama campaign.

Allowing Tepper as a co-counsel in this case will not  contribute to the case in any way, as Tepper has no knowledge of Mississippi law, he does not have any identification documents for Obama, he is not an expert in any field. Allowing Tepper to become a co-counsel for the Democratic party will only taint the decision in this case, as an individual, with a known history of harassment of the Plaintiff would be given free reign to harass her as an opposing counsel. This is particularly true in light of the fact that the defense wants to question Taitz on the stand during April 16, 2012 hearing.

Lastly, due to Tepper’s personal involvement in the cover up of Obama’s forged records by virtue of his harassment of Taitz and others, he is on the list of potential defendants in the RICO action. As such there is a direct conflict between Tepper and his prospective client, Democratic Party of Mississippi. As such, he cannot serve as the attorney for the Democratic party of Mississippi, even if he was licensed in the state of Mississippi.

I also have it on Good Authority that several book deals are already inked, and that members of each posse will be imbedded with DOJ investigators and may actually aid in news conferences and press releases. Since one of the Posses has access to Taitz’s website under certain provisions of the Patriot Act, I was given a copy of her unpublished response. I corrected the spelling, but not the grammar on this one.:

This is NOT FAIR!!! How can anybody in America law investigate person and write book at same time??? Can you say Interest Conflict!!! If they catch me then the book sells so for sure they catch me. No surprise there. Fogbow OBOTS are paid by White House Obama to make my whole life a tit in the wringer!!! But this will never stop me from chasing down Commie Brown Shirt Stooges like Obama!!!

Plus, how can you use people who hate somebody to investigate that person??? What jury will buy anything they say under circumstances??? Huh, answer me that Eric Holder!!! Somebody tell me that one. I am Senate candidate for Republic Party in California and how can Republic Party sit by and let this happen to American Republican Person who is leading the race??? We have become a Republic of Bananas!!!

Help everybody I need all information on FogBow and Mississippi and what for sure is DOJ??? Department of Justice or Department of Jokes!!! (That is a laugh for you my readers, because I know what DOJ is.  Ha Ha.) Need IPs of Mississippi too. I will sue everybody in Fogbow, everybody who has read Fogbow, and you Fogbow OBOTS can just expect HUGE RICO on you, everyone of you!!! I will own you and your little website, too!!!

WOW!!! This should be interesting. Maybe I could  have gotten on a Posse, too if it wasn’t for a few incidents in college when I was picked up for. . . oops. Never mind. I don’t want to talk about that.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a digital art work by Andy Simmons done in 2003. I found it at this website:


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10 responses to “DOJ To Investigate Taitz!!! Fogbow Members To Help!!!

  • David Farrar

    This is nothing but red meat for Orly.

    This whole Mississippi effort will result in playing right into Orly’s hands i.e. has Obama done enough to prove he has met his Constitutional requirements to take the oath of office of the President of the United States.

    ex animo

  • Percy Bysshe Tepper

    Although Squeeky’s not far from the facts,
    there’s a source or two her report lacks:
    Of course Mr. Soros
    provides funding for us
    in conspiracy with Goldman Sachs.

  • Percy Bysshe Tepper

    If a birther works from sun to sun,
    an Obot’s work is never done.
    Why, we work twenty hours a day
    before we’re cleared to hit the hay.
    That’s why you don’t see much of me
    since I had my obotomy.

  • Percy Bysshe Tepper

    Adding: Your epenthetic treatment of “George” is rather good, I thought.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      I had little choice. There just ain’t a whole lot that rhymes with George. You pretty much got “gorge” and “forge” and then people have to hit the dictionary. I thought about this:

      Anti-Birthers and Obots can say
      Mr. Soros ain’t tight with his pay.
      Of course Uncle G
      Don’t expect it for free,
      But we work sixteen hours a day.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  • Percy Bysshe Tepper

    Heh, I was being serious: I liked the origina!!.

    AFAIC, light poetry can take either of two tacks (or both): (1) overly perfect rhyme and meter to the extent that it’s sickeningly sing-songie (see my post @ 3:15) and/or (2) inflict outrageously bad would-be rhymes and puns,

    Yo, you be my kinda woman.

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