Jerome Corsi – A Farce In The Crowd!!!

Sometimes Corsi Needed A Little Help With His Sources

To help understand the utter contempt in which Jerome “Jerry” Corsi holds his readers,  it may be useful to first look at the 1957 film, A Face in the Crowd, starring Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal and Walter Matthau. It was directed by Elia Kazan and based on Budd Schulbergs’  short story “Your Arkansas Traveler”.

Wiki says:

In late 1950s America, a drunken drifter, Larry Rhodes (Andy Griffith), is plucked out of a rural Arkansas jail by Marcia Jeffries (Patricia Neal) to sing on a radio show at station KGRK. His raw voice, folksy humor and personal charm bring about a strong local following, and he lands a television show in Memphis, Tennessee under the stage name “Lonesome” Rhodes, given to him on a whim by Jeffries. With the support of the show’s staff writer Mel Miller (Walter Matthau) and Jeffries, the charismatic Rhodes ad libs his way to Memphis area popularity.

Rhodes ultimately rises to great fame and influence on national television. The sponsor of this show is Vitajex, an energy supplement which he ingeniously pitches as a Viagra-type yellow pill. Rhodes’s fame, influence and ego balloon.

The sponsor’s CEO introduces Rhodes to a senator whose presidential campaign is faltering. Under Rhodes’s tutelage as media coach, the Senator gains the lead in national polls. But Rhodes’s life begins to unravel as his amoral dealings with the people closest to him have placed his career trajectory on a collision course with their festering wounds.

Miller tells Jeffries he’s written an exposé about Rhodes, entitled, “Demagogue in Denim”, and he has just found a publisher. The final blow is delivered by the one who has loved Rhodes the most and been most injured by his selfishness: Marcia Jeffries. At the end of one of Rhodes’s shows, the engineer cuts the microphone and leaves Jeffries alone in the control booth while the show’s credits roll. Millions of viewers watch (in what initially is silence) their hero Rhodes smiling and seeming to chat amiably with the rest of the cast. In truth, he’s on a vitriolic rant about the stupidity of his audience. In the broadcast booth, Jeffries reactivates his microphone, sending his words and laughter over the air live. A sequence of television viewers is shown to react to Rhodes’s description of them all as “idiots, morons, and guinea pigs.

This complete contempt for one’s audience is what shines through in Corsi’s latest story in World Net Daily.  Get a load of these excerpts:

She [Bettina Viviano]claimed, however, that Bill Clinton’s intention to unequivocally state to the public that Obama was ineligible was stopped in its tracks by the murder of a close friend of the Clintons, Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, just two weeks before the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Gwatney was killed Aug. 13, 2008, when a 50-year-old man entered Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock and shot him three times. Police killed the murderer after a chase, and investigators found no motive.

The Clintons said in a statement that they were “stunned and shaken” by the killing of their “cherished friend and confidante.”

Viviano said a campaign staffer who was close to Hillary, whose name she requested be withheld for security reasons, told her Gwatney’s murder was a message to Bill Clinton.

“I was told by this person that that was ‘Shutupsville, or you’re next,’” she said.

The campaign adviser, according to Viviano, said that despite the intimidation and threats, Bill Clinton was prepared to speak out about Obama’s eligibility

“And then,” Viviano said, paraphrasing the staffer, “they went in and said, ‘OK, it’s your daughter, now, we’ll go after.’

“And then Bill never said anything.”

Here is the link to the full story, which is fascinating in its degree of baseless speculation:

Let’s look at some of the  the unsubstantiated rumors:

1. Bill Clinton’s intended to unequivocally state to the public that Obama was ineligible.

2. Clinton’s close friend, Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Bill Gwatney, was murdered to intimidate Clinton.

3. When this didn’t work, Clinton’s daughter was threatened.

4. That threat worked, and Clinton kept quiet about Obama’s ineligibility.

What is the proof for any of this???

. . . a campaign staffer who was close to Hillary, whose name she requested be withheld for security reasons, told her [Bettina Viviano] Gwatney’s murder was a message to Bill Clinton.

Yes, that is right.  To claim that Obama’s campaign had a prominent person murdered, and used the murder to intimidate a former President of the United States, and then added to that by threatening the former President’s daughter, we have some hearsay evidence from an un-named staffer. And, besides the WND audience, who was dumb enough to believe this story??? Why Bettina Viviano, of course, the same person who Corsi relies on for the “Bill Clinton said Obama was ineligible” story.

Isn’t Corsi supposed to be an investigative reporter??? Did he try to do any research at all on any of this??? Did he try to confirm any of this??? Did  he report on the murderer, and whether the murderer had any connection to the Obama campaign??? Did he try to talk to the un-named source and see whether or not he or she seemed credible???  Corsi obviously has the ability to focus on small details like these. My goodness, he fell right off into all the details of busted 1980 post office dating stamps.

And it is not like he has to travel across the country, to Arkansas, to ascertain some details about  the murderer. It’s right there on the Internet!!! Like the fact that the murderer was having some personal problems:

After Johnson was killed in a shootout with police, officers found two guns in his pickup. Court documents show officers searching Johnson’s home found 13 long guns, a pistol and a prescription antidepressant. Police also found a computer there and were going through it, Hastings said.

If something troubled Johnson, his neighbors couldn’t tell. The only hint came the day before the shooting, when Liles’ husband saw a paper target set up in the backyard. They dismissed it as practice for the upcoming bow hunting season in Arkansas.

Johnson was a member of the Cleburne County Shooting Club. Ken Buster, a former club secretary, said Johnson was quiet and that he never heard him talk politics. Buster described Johnson as “average to subaverage” with a gun.

“He would never impress anybody with his shooting skills,” Buster said.

Gee, a 50 year old white guy, who worked the night shift at Target, had 16 guns, belongs to a shooting club, and goes hunting.  Sounds like a typical Obama hitman to me. NOT. But the real point is, none of this is in Corsi’s story. And nothing to confirm or even research the alleged Bill Clinton belief that Obama was ineligible.  But, you know, something even bigger is missing from Corsi’s story – perspective and common sense.

Look at the date of Bill Gwatney’s murder – August 13, 2008, about 2 weeks before the Democratic National Convention.  Remember Hillary Clinton announced she was running for President on January 20, 2007.  Obama announced his candidacy on February 10, 2007. Corsi would have you believe that Hillary Clinton went through 18 months of campaigning after Obama announced he was running before the issue of his eligibility was going to come up.

Eighteen months, and over a $100 million in campaign costs??? Eighteen months and a bitter intra-party struggle, and Hillary Clinton didn’t bring up eligibility issues during all that time, but a few weeks before the convention, then – the time was ripe??? Laughable.

Here is what Corsi thinks of his readers:

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter


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14 responses to “Jerome Corsi – A Farce In The Crowd!!!

  • David Farrar


    I assume by your personal attacks on Miss. Viviano’s story you don’t have any meaningful proof to impeach her story, so attack the messenger is the next Alinsky rule; am I not right?

    Go ahead, Squeeky; just try and prove the negative. Try and prove Bettina Viviano’s story wrong. I can tell you it is very difficult.

    ex animo

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


      It is not up to me to prove it “didn’t happen.” A lot of things in life “didn’t happen.” In fact, things that “didn’t happen” are infinite.

      I can’t prove Elmer Clopp, of Roswell, New Mexico didn’t get abducted by aliens. But isn’t it Elmer Clopp who has the burden of proof. I can certainly prove he didn’t meet it.

      Same here. All Corsi has is hearsay evidence, which does not even comport with common sense and has nothing to substantiate it.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    • RoadScholar

      For that matter, nobody has yet proven that Joe Arpaio didn’t plan the Oklahoma City Bombing with Tim McVeigh while he lived in Arizona, or that he provided the material support and guidance McVeigh needed to carry out he 2nd most deadly act of terrorism in US history.

      The silence is deafening. What does Arpaio have to hide?

    • Monkey Boy

      Has anyone disproven that well-known liar, subversive and seditionist, David Farrar, didn’t motivate and finance “lover of trannies,” Darren Huff, in his rebellion against the State of Tennesee.

      It’s a very plausible story, and all of the elements fit. I’m buying it.

    • roadburner

      `Go ahead, Squeeky; just try and prove the negative. Try and prove Bettina Viviano’s story wrong. I can tell you it is very difficult.´

      yes david, it is incredibly hard to prove that something that didn´t happen didn´t actually happen.

      that is why mud-slinging is such an effective tool when all else has failed.

      i am most dissapointed that you´d lower yourself to such desperate measures as supporting something that has no provable basis in fact nor logic.

      obviously, having run out of material to try and disqualify your president from office has taken it´s toll and you´re grasping at straws again.

      when the next round of cases are lost, will you be an honorable man of your word and accept your president as legitimate, or just move the goalposts again?

    • Rmoney TheMormon

      David, is it true that you bought the pink dildo that was found in Darren Huff´s car? A person – which identity I can not reveal – told me so. This person fears that you will kill him if you know about him speaking out !


  • bob

    All Corsi has is hearsay evidence

    All Viviano has is hearsay.

  • Monkey Boy

    This just in!

    An informant has informed me that Darren Huff is a victim. He was set up by elements of the regional RW groups who seek to provoke another civil war and thereby destroy the United States.

    A primary agent in this deception was David Farrar who, acting on noted proclivities of Darren Huff, dressed up in a tight mini-skirt to titillate said proclivities of subject. Darren became totally enchanted and soon became the slave of the Farrar alter ego.

    There is no confirmation that the relationship was consumated, but it is unlikely that the necessary level of control could have been maintained otherwise.

    Acting on the instructions of his psychological Fagan, dim-witted Huff was induced to travel to Tennessee and join with other subversives to “kick off” a rebellion against the government. It was expected that the “uprising” would fail, but that a considerable loss of life would result. Darren and other idiots would be sacrificed to enrage other RW elements that otherwise would be inclined to be law-abiding.

    Fortunately, the “patriots” lost their nerve and their poop when confronted by the State and Federal show of force. Typical RW bravado.

    But tragically, poor Darren, manipulated and betrayed by multiple elements of the subversive movement, is currently being deprived of his favorite pink dildo while sitting in a prison cell.

    A search needs to conducted by law enforcement on David Farrar’s residence(s) and pickup for apparel that was used to entice and entrap poor Darren. Also, for suitable “toys.”

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