The Quantum Orly Taitz (Or, Schrodinger’s Elephant!!!)

It Wasn't Me, Sheriff Joe. Orly Taitz Let Tantor Out Of The Box!!!

There is a concept in physics called The Quantum Theory and from what little I understand about it, it mostly applies to very small things like atoms and the things that make up atoms. Supposedly it is not possible to observe some of these particles without the mere act of observation affecting them. Some people, like Deepak Chopra think that teeny little pieces of particles are blinking in and out of existence all the time. Other people, like Erwin Schrodinger come up with some very weird stuff,  like the Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox, which works like this, from Wiki:

Schrödinger’s Cat: A cat, along with a flask containing a poison and a radioactive source, is placed in a sealed box. If an internal Geiger counter detects radiation, the flask is shattered, releasing the poison that kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when we look in the box, we see the cat either alive or dead, not both alive and dead.

Well, it seems like something similar is happening with Orly Taitz, Esq.  Except that for her, it is something big that keeps blinking in and out of existence, and something that is both there and not-there at the same time.  Something bigger than the Cat – the proverbial Elephant in the Room.  First, read this excerpt from her website about what is motivating Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse (CCP):

(Click on Image to make it larger.)

Then read this part:

From 1:47:00 to Approximately 1:49:00 it is explained that they have no intention of backing this information in court. The excuse given is “it’s an ongoing investigation…”. Sounds to me like it’s just a ruse to sell books.

Response from Orly

Yesterday, reportedly when asked why he is not willing to testify before the judge, Zullo stated that it is because the investigation is ongoing. (the video of the event is not available for some reason) He also stated  that he wants to work on legislative option.  This makes absolutely no sense. When the investigation is ongoing and police does not want to jeopardize the investigation, they do not talk at all.

Arpaio and Zullo are talking and doing press conferences, WND publicity events, where they are raising donations through WND and promoting Joseph Farah’s WND and selling the book which was co-authored with Jerome Corsi, promoting Jerome Corsi and the book. They are not asked to reveal something new that they did not reveal before, which might jeopardize the investigation. They are asked to confirm to the judge under oath, what they already stated in two press conferences.

To say that confirming under oath what they said in press conference is jeopardizing the investigation,  makes as much sense as Obama posting his forgery on line, but refusing to present the original or a certified copy because  of privacy concerns. What privacy? Jeopardize what?  This is equal to treating the public as complete idiots.

Let’s not forget that he and Zullo and his posse did not come up with any new[] evidence. 3 years ago I submitted to authorities the report about the selective service certificate fraud I received from a retired agent Steven Coffman. For a year I have been submitting to courts evidence of forgery in Obama’s long form BC. So why did it take a year to confirm evidence, which was readily available? Why Arpaio is not talking about the SSN fraud, which is the easiest to confirm and which is the most damning? Why Arpaio and Zullo are talking before crowds in publicity events, but are not willing to state the same before a judge?

Here is the link to the rest of her post:

Ignoring the cynical possibility that this is just a turf war over attention and contributions between the Taitz Flying Monkey Mob and the WND Posse For Hire Gang, Taitz appears to be seeing Elephants popping in and out of existence and having ambiguous states of existence. The Elephant in the Room is the pre-existing book deal between Corsi and Zullo.

First, the Elephant is there, and Taitz sees it. It is a big Elephant, and Taitz picks up on it right away behind the  ruse to sell books.

Then, the Elephant half-way blinks out for a moment, and Taitz goes to pointing out the silliness of Zullo’s statement that he does not want to testify for her because the investigation is ongoing. For a moment she treats the CCP as if the Elephant doesn’t exist, and their excuses as legitimate enough to be addressed.

KERPOP!, the Elephant blinks fully back into this dimension and Taitz picks up again on Arpaio and Zullo helping promote Corsi’s book.

Then, the Elephant takes a brief coffee break from this Universe, while Taitz poo-poos the idea of testimony in her case jeopardizing the investigation. And, she takes a few pot shots at the CCP  for not really coming up with anything new, and not following up on the social security number. She again treats the CCP as if they had some legitimate purpose beyond the Elephant, and any related political advantage.

Now, we are finally ready for the Grand Elephant Disappearing Act.  Because after Taitz has toyed with the Elephant, and seen him grow dim and hazy, sort of holographic, and then popping back to this Reality, she is now ready for the critter to get the heck out of this Plane of Existence for good.  She does this:

Notice to appear as a witness

Investigator Mike Zullo  is hereby noticed to appear as a witnessed at the hearing Orly Taitz v Democratic Party of Mississippi, Secretary of State of Mississippi.

Hearing will be conducted at the Hinds County Circuit Court, 316 S. President str. Jackson, Mississippi, 39201 on April 16, 2012, 9 am, in front of the special judge R. Kenneth Coleman appointed by the chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the state of Mississippi to hear the aforementioned case.

You are to provide testimony and any and all evidence related to investigation of elections fraud and forgery of the long form birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, forgery of the Selective Service Certificate of Barack Hussein Obama and foreign national status of Barack Hussein Obama.

/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

Now think about this for a moment. Taitz has already let the Elephant out of the bag, by calling the CCP’s actions a ruse to sell books, and contrasting their excuses about not speaking during an investigation with their actions promoting Joseph Farah’s WND and selling the book which was co-authored with Jerome Corsi, promoting Jerome Corsi and the book.

Mixing metaphors (which is permissible in a Quantum Universe) Taitz now tries to stuff the Elephant back into the bottle.  But how can you can call someone to testify to a court, who you yourself have just publicly labeled as a book-selling opportunist??? Taitz wants her Elephant to be alive and real when she needs him, and then for the Elephant to have never existed in the first place when she needs that.

Can you imagine Deputy Zullo on the stand, and Orly Taitz going through his credentials, and findings. Then the opposing counsel lays a copy of Taitz’s blog post on the Court??? The ruse to sell books part, for example???  That Quantum Physics stuff is pretty hard to understand, and I sure don’t get it.  Scientists say it is real. Whatever. But it doesn’t look like Mr. Schrodinger kept opening and closing the box lid until he got the result he wanted.

I read somewhere else that “the wave function collapses” when the box lid is opened. I wouldn’t know anything about that one way or the other. But I know one thing. When Orly Taitz let on that she saw that Elephant, any credibility that she expected to gain from Zullo testifying collapsed. I mean what are judges, complete idiots???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the English Hotspur Comic 750 March 24th 1951. The story is The Elephant Sheriff, and may be found here:


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15 responses to “The Quantum Orly Taitz (Or, Schrodinger’s Elephant!!!)

  • RoadScholar

    Over at McKinnon’s ‘Bad Fiction’ site, he quotes a Birther reacting to this situation much like Orly does, not being able to fathom why Arpaio isn’t pursuing this officially and Zullo isn’t willing to testify under oath. He (obviously stunned) wonders if they are part of the cover-up, commenting

    “…I just can’t believe that there’s a huge conspiracy involving both Republicans and democrats because that’s just totally illogical.”

    Wonders never cease.

  • Jim

    This just basically reminds me of some of the dogs in my neighborhood. Arpaio and Zullo are like the ones that bark and bark but when you look at them go run away and hide under the stairs, and Orly’s the toothless one who’s all bark and no bite…only good for stirring up the other dogs in the neighborhood and the bite just tickles.

  • Dave B.

    If this Schrödinger guy’s so smart, how come he only saw one cat? Or is he saying he sees two cats, and we only see one? Either way, he’s a cat short. So much for him.

  • Reality Check

    If Orly wants Zullo at the hearing she should subpoena Jerome Corsi’s right hand if you get my drift. 😉

  • Dave B.

    Zullo’s appearance to present evidence concerning the President’s eligibility at any hearing would be mighty short. He’d actually have to present his qualifications. His appearance to present evidence concerning the CCP shenanigans would be even shorter if he could help it.
    I sure would like to know who wants to claim responsibility for staffing the CCP, and how they’d explain Jerome Corsi and Mara Zebest. And why Zullo? I’d really, really, really like to know if there’s a prior connection between Mike Zullo and Joseph Farah.
    What with all this CCP mess and the Arpaio/Pravda lovefest Barry Goldwater must be spinning in his grave.

  • obsolete

    The reason the Cold Case Posse doesn’t flog the Social Security number conspiracy is because Sheriff Joe actually has access to real databases and can see himself that there is no issue. He knows Orly is pushing random bad data from unreliable sources.

  • MrBrown

    Observing Orly struggle with this dilemma, with reality practically slapping her across the face, is Exactly like watching a kitten struggle with the image in the mirror. Its a cat !! But why…what….??? Orly knows she sees something she likes, but why doesn’t it smell like a cat ? Why does it only appear in this window, and none of the others ?!?!? Why won’t it PLAY WITH HER !???!
    Eventually, she will figure out that the Posse isn’t real. But it is fun to read her continue to defend Arpaio and Zullo and to watch her puzzlement grow and grow. What’s the Next stage ?? HATING that fake kitten with every fiber in her being, and trying to destroy it !! Ohhh that will be fun !!
    queue Stevie Wonder: “13 month old baby broke the looking glass !! Seven years of Baaaad Luuuuck ! Good things in the past.
    When you believe in things that you don’t understand, You’re gonna Suffer !! Superstition ain’t the way…”

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