Sheriff Joe And “The Attack Without Mercy”

America's Toughest Sheriff Just Realized That He Bit Off More Than He Could Chew

Nothing in this world is more surprising than the attack without mercy! General Custer

Sheriff Joe must have seen that movie. In a new World Net Daily (WND) story by Special Deputy Jerome “Jerry” Corsi,  we learn that Arpaio has escalated his ridiculous investigation and is looking for scalps.  Here are a few excerpts:

Sheriff Joe expands Obama probe to Hillary supporters

PHOENIX – Based on interviews WND conducted with insiders in Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to expand the scope of his law enforcement investigation into President Obama’s eligibility to include evidence and affidavits documenting alleged criminal activity by the Obama campaign in the 2008 Democratic Party primary race.

Hollywood film producer Bettina Viviano and Hollywood-based digital photographer Michele Thomas have given Arpaio’s investigators the names of dozens of Hillary Clinton supporters willing to come forward with evidence and affidavits. Among their claims is that the Clintons were the first to charge Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution and that his birth certificate is a forgery.

Moreover, the Hillary supporters identified by Viviano and Thomas have argued that the pattern of questionable and possibly illegal activity suggests that the alleged act of producing forged birth certificate documentation for Obama may have been merely more of the same.

“We want to be heard and let the country know how our party has sanctioned the actions of what we feel are Obama Campaign ‘Chicago Machine’ dirty politics. We believe this infamous campaign of ‘change’ from Chicago encouraged and created an army to steal caucus packets, falsify documents, change results, allow unregistered people to vote, scare and intimidate Hillary supporters, stalk them, threaten them, lock them out of their polling places, silence their voices and stop their right to vote.”

Here is a link to the entire Internet Article, which you just have to see to believe:

This ought to be interesting. Here is one more fascinating little sentence from the story:

Arpaio’s investigation has already uncovered evidence of intimidation by Obama supporters in an attempt to suppress media coverage of the birth certificate and eligibility issues.

I think the reason Sheriff Joe is doing this is two-fold. One, the stupid birth certificate story has no legs and people are laughing at him, Corsi, and the Cold Case Posse (CCP).  This expansion better allows him to pretend to be doing legitimate law enforcement work. The whole Interstate Transportation Of Pixels For Immoral Purposes gig laid an egg. This is such a joke that Birthers are running off to Pravda to get column inches.

And two, this new area of investigation allows Arpaio to continue smearing Obama by tapping into a still seething PUMA Pool Of  Resentment from 2008. While this is a smart strategic move on the surface, my guess is that it will backfire and bring a quicker end to the Cold Case Posse.

While they were focused on Obama’s birth certificate, the argument could be made that CCP and WND were basically  harmless cranks on the level of Alien Abductees and Moon Landing Deniers. But now they are beginning to pull at scabs in the Democratic Party, and rubbing salt in some wounds that never scabbed over in the first place. And, the subject matter is now a more legitimate one than “I tawt I taw a smiley face!” on a birth certificate.

Look for there to be a serious response from the Obama Campaign and the Democratic party on this one.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill and Hillary Clinton get involved.  I suspect Sheriff Joe just sowed the wind.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the 1970 satirical western, Little Big Man.  This is one of my father’s favorite movies. The actor playing the delusional Custer is Richard Mulligan.  In this first part, we learn about the diabolical strategy, “The Attack Without Mercy.”

And in this second part, he has a nervous breakdown at Little Big Horn. In another eerie similarity to Sheriff Joe,  we hear Custer utter the words, “We can’t have a man like you in the White House.”

Note 2. Wampum. From the Easter Egg, Wiki says:

The term “wampum” is a shortening of the earlier word “wampumpeag”, which is derived from the Massachusett or Narragansett word meaning “white strings [of shell beads]”. The Proto-Algonquian reconstructed form is *wa·p-a·py-aki, “white-string-plural.”

In New York, wampum beads have been discovered that date from before 1510. The Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace, the founding constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy, was codified in a series of wampum belts, now held by the Onondaga Nation. The oral history of the Haudenosaunee says that Ayenwatha, a cannibal who was reformed by the Great Peacemaker, invented wampum to comfort himself. The Peacemaker uses wampum to record and relay messages. The League of the Iroquois was founded, according to some estimates, in 1142. Others place its origin as likely in the 15th or 16th centuries.

The introduction of European metal tools revolutionized the production of wampum; by the mid-seventeenth century production numbered in the tens of millions of beads. Upon discovering the importance of wampum as a unit of exchange among tribes, Dutch colonists mass-produced wampum in workshops. John Campbell established such a factory in Passaic, New Jersey, which manufactured wampum into the early 20th century.

In other words, Sheriff Joe is writing checks with his mouth, that his body can’t cash.


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