The Mummy Was An American!!! (The Egyptian Birthers Strike!!!)

Princess Ankhesenamón Always Conked Right Out When Imhotep Read From Apuzzo's Brief

Oh no!!! Now Birtherism has spread to the land of the Pharoahs. Here’s the story:

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s election commission confirmed Thursday that the mother of a popular Islamist presidential hopeful was an American citizen, effectively disqualifying him from the race and likely boosting the chances of the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate.

The ruling is likely to draw an uproar from supporters of Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, a 50-year-old lawyer turned preacher who in recent months vaulted to become one of the strongest contenders for president, with widespread backing from ultra-conservative Muslims known as Salafis.

The announcement is particularly embarrassing for Abu Ismail, who used anti-US rhetoric in his campaign speeches and rejected “dependency” on the America. In recent weeks, he repeatedly denied the reports that began circulating that his late mother held US citizenship.

A law put in place after last year’s fall of President Hosni Mubarak stipulates that a candidate may not have any other citizenship than Egyptian — and that the candidate’s spouse and parents cannot have other citizenships as well.

The rest of this interesting story can be found here:

However, there is one big difference.  The Egyptian Birthers have a REAL LAW about requiring two citizen parents, not an Imaginary Law, which they can cite.  Thank goodness, because I would hate to see the American Birthers go over there to help out, and start lying and misrepresenting like they do here in this country.

I think the Muslim Egyptians take that kind of stuff a lot more seriously than we do.  Who knows but the American Birthers could wind up in Egyptian prisons, or becomes slaves and have to help build another pyramid or something??? On the other hand, maybe that would be a good thing. For us.

But it ought to be interesting to see if the American Birthers start throwing Egyptian law at us. I feel pretty sure Mario “The Mangler” Apuzzo, Esq. will find a way to work it into his new New Jersey Birther lawsuit. And probably his brief, with a “Since the Dawn of Civilization and The Building of The Pyramids the law has required two citizen parents.. . .” segue.

And another American court will have to remind him which country he lives in.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a photo of Zita Johann and Boris Karloff from the film, The Mummy (1932).

Note 2. Yes I thought about this:

Mummy Was An American, Papa Was A'Rolling Stone

This Image is “Building The Pyramids” by Peter Jackson, and may be found here:

Note 3. Conked Out. From the caption, means:

1. To stop functioning; fail: The engine conked out on the final lap.
2. To fall asleep, especially suddenly or heavily: She conked out on the couch watching television.
3. To pass out; faint.
4. To die.


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11 responses to “The Mummy Was An American!!! (The Egyptian Birthers Strike!!!)

  • davidfarrar

    But Squeeky,

    we do have a clear rule. Thanks to Apuzzo’s brilliance observation that unlike the states which put in place statutes and state charters based on the English common law…the national government did not adopt the English common law for the needs of the national government, but rather the law of nations which was natural law applied to the affairs of nations.

    So it was Emer de Vattel in his “The Law of Nations” that formed the basis of the Constitution for the national government and not English common law. I don’t have to tell you what this means as it relates to our little discussion of the two-parent rule given in Minor for a natural born Citizen; do I?

    ex animo

    • Monkey Boy

      We also have a clear law (The Smith Act) that punishes acts of insurrection involving the violent overthrow of the Government of the United States. And conspiracies for the same, as well as giving aid and comfort to insurrectionists.

    • Northland10

      If the founders did not want foreign influence, why is their Constitution being influenced by a Swiss philosopher? Why do you wish to turn this country over to foreigners? I don’t have to tell you what it means that your “brilliant” Apuzzo never actually gave any evidence what so ever that the Constitution was based upon the writings of Vattel. It simply means that he is lying through his teeth and your are gullible.

      The birthers’ obsession with Minor dicta only shows they are a Major idiot.

    • RoadScholar

      Utter crap. And everyone who counts knows it. Man, I can’t wait ’til your last time- and money-wasting appeal is smacked down by actual Judges who know what hogwash that Vattel swill is. And Corsi and Apuzzo should spend a little time in the Cooler. Might clear their heads.

    • Monkey Boy


    • Rmoney TheMormon

      Mr. Farrar,

      I presume that you are not of noble blood. So will you please hurry to the next police station and deliver all your arms like guns and swords.

      Only people of noble blood are allowed to carry arms in America. That was – following Vattel´s book – written into the Constitution.

    • drconspiracy

      When Mr. Apuzzo put that proposition before Judge Masin in New Jersey, he was informed that it had “no legal merit.” That’s the 5th judge, by my count, that has explicitly rejected the fictitious Donofrio/Apuzzo Amendment to the Constitution.

      Just as a matter of curiosity, how many judges it take to change a birther’s light bulb?

  • whatever4

    The Law of Nations existed before Vattel, it merely means International Law. Other writers wrote treatises on the Law of Nations before Vattel did.

    The Framers of the Constitution did NOT pattern the national government on Vattel’s book. That’s quite obvious if you’ve read it.

  • Reality Check

    Art. I Sec. 8 Cl. 10 of the Constitution for the United States delegates the power to Congress to “define and punish … Offenses against the Law of Nations” The title of Book Four Chapter Five in Blackstone’s Commentaries is “Of Offenses Against the Law of Nations”. That must be just a coincidence of course. 😉

  • bob

    I am convinced Farrar has never, ever, read Wong Kim Ark.

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