What Happens In Phoenix. . . (Or, Zullo in Limbo???)

World Net Daily Staffers Bent Over Backwards To Not Call Attention To Zullo

World Net Daily seems to be of the opinion that some things that happen in Phoenix, should stay in Phoenix.  One of the secondary definitions of limbo, is a state of neglect. From the image below, one has to wonder if Special Deputy Mike Zullo, co-author of A Question of Eligibility might be in World Net Daily (WND) limbo, hidden away like a red-headed stepchild. Notice this language:

The e-book is co-authored by Jerome Corsi, the two-time No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, who wrote “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” and the e-book sequel, “Where’s the Real Birth Certificate?”

(Click on Image to make it larger.)

Here is the link where you can see this for yourself.


Mike Zullo is listed as the co-author on the cover of the book,  to the left of the blurb, but it is smaller and difficult to read. Presumably, Zullo gets some air-time inside  the book.  But isn’t it interesting that he is just glossed-over in the sales blurb??? One would think that having a real, live Maricopa County Cold Case Posse (CCP) investigator as the co-author of your book would be a great selling point.

Hmmm. Maybe it is that whole before and after thing. When an investigator signs a deal and writes a book AFTER an investigation, then it adds to the credibility of the book. But, when the book deal comes BEFORE the investigation, then it makes you feel sort of queasy, and the pecuniary interest shatters any credibility. As is pretty evident in this Internet Article which appeared 2 days after the original March 1, 2012 Cold Case Posse press conference:

PHOENIX — The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into President Obama’s birth certificate is profiting from the case.

Mike Zullo, a retired detective and volunteer Maricopa County Sheriff Posse member, is listed as the co-author of “A Question of Eligibility,” an e-book for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The book is a copy of the investigation findings presented to the press on Thursday.

Corsi said he informed Arpaio of his plans to sell the investigation’s findings six months ago, at the start of the investigation.

Still, the sale of the investigation is raising eyebrows and ethical questions from Arpaio critics.

“I’m shocked to learn about this book,” said Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox.

The entire article may be found here:


Returning to the WND sales blurb, it would not have taken up much space for them to list Zullo.  Just one sentence. I think the conclusion is obvious that World Net Daily feels sheepish about the sleazy conduct and does not wish to call extra attention to it.

As well they should.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image is of Gene Kelly and Vera Ellen performing the Slaughter on 10th Avenue ballet from the film Words and Music (1948). Here is a youtube video of the scene. The part that matches the Image is around the 4:55 minute mark.

Here is also some music to surf the net by:

Note 2. Limbo.


noun /ˈlimbō/

(in some Christian beliefs) The supposed abode of the souls of unbaptized infants, and of the just who died before Christ’s coming

An uncertain period of awaiting a decision or resolution; an intermediate state or condition
– the fate of the Contras is now in limbo

A state of neglect or oblivion
– children left in an emotional limbo

oblivion: the state of being disregarded or forgotten

an imaginary place for lost or neglected things

A West Indian dance in which the dancer bends backward to pass under a horizontal bar that is progressively lowered to a position just above the ground


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2 responses to “What Happens In Phoenix. . . (Or, Zullo in Limbo???)

  • John Wayne



    n March 7th, 2012, Pravda called out the U.S. press for its deliberate neglect of the largest scandal in modern American history. Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio released credible forensic evidence that Barack Obama, presumed President of the United States, presented to the world a forged Birth Certificate on April 27th, 2011.
    Since then, the scandal has only expanded. Former United States Postal Service worker Allen Hulton has recently come forward with compelling testimony given under Oath, which leads to only one conclusion: Barack Obama attended College in the United States as a Foreign Student.


  • al crisafulli

    After following all this make Zullo crap for all these months, Its time to put up or just go away. You suck everyone in, and you GOT NOTIN. Get a life!!!

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