Salute To Patrick McKinnion, and Bad Fiction (His Fourth Year)

The Barbirthians Had Finally Met Their Match

Today is Patrick McKinnion’s  Fourth Year in the Birther Fighting business!!! As he so eloquently says:

I’m four years older now and a lot more cynical and disgusted. The birthers and their kin have shown a dark and fetid part of the American soul, and I refuse to let them destroy the country, the Constitution, and everything we’re supposed to stand for, simply because they can’t get over their paranoid terror and blind hatred towards the President.

In four years, there’s been a lot of sewage and toxic waste spewed from the birtherstani. I’ve seen fake “grand juries”, fake trials, fake “citizens arrests” and altogether too many people just slobbering over the chance to see the President of the United States (and his family) in front of a firing squad or hanging from a tree.

There’s a handful of people who have spent that time showing the sewage for what it is. To that handful, I give thanks. I’ve met some amazing people among my fellow debunkers.

To the birthers, as you sow, so shall you reap. May your reward be exactly what your actions deserve.

I think this deserves an old style epic poem!!! Sooo, without further adieu, I present:

He Was Once A Callow Youth

(Dedicated To Patrick McKinnion
On The Occasion of His Fourth Year
Of Fighting Birthers)

by Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

Four years ago, a callow youth
Set out to have some fun.
To tweak the nose of idiots,
And hush them one by one.

And yet it seemed, the more the tweak’d
And skewered with his wit,
The more arose to take their place.
There was no end to it.

From out of ev’ry Bedlam cell,
From under ev’ry stone,
From ev’y sewer overflowed,
The manic horde, full blown.

Both on the left and right of him
Both in the front and back
He swung the Mighty Sword of Truth
In furious attack!

And over time, the callow youth
Became a warrior bold.
The stories of his victories
Around the campfires told.

He took his rightful place among
The Satirists of yore.
He is a full-grown warrior, now.
He is a youth, no more.

And yet, could e’er have been a doubt
That this is what would be?
When what was once a choice became

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1:  The Image. The Birther Think Tank does not advocate the use of battle-axes, catapults, swords, arrows, maces, or any other weapon, or any violence of any kind at all, against the Birthers.  This is just a Conan picture, and it is here for dramatic effect.  However, we do advocate talking their damn ears off if at all possible. Verbal spankings and put downs are fine, too.


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