Famous Birther Lawyer Tackles The Obamacare Ruling!!! (Is This For Real???)

This Chair Would Be Great For Birthers Who Are Off Their Rockers. . .

OMG!!! Is this for real??? My secret sources are always sending me stuff, and sometimes I think they are pulling my leg.  Sooo, I am not sure if this is really Mario “The Mangler” Apuzzo, Esq., or just somebody artsy-fartsy person’s attempt at satire. Here is the three page document. Just click on the pages to make them bigger:

And here is a pdf copy of the file.

Apuzzo Legal Analysis

Now, here is what I see from this.  First, the document is not signed, and that might indicate that it is not for real. Nor, do I see the word “putative” in it anywhere, and Apuzzo just loves using that word.   And, there is no reference to either Roman law, or the animal kingdom. Finally, it is only three pages long, and that is sentence-length for Apuzzo.

But, on the other hand, there are many similarities in the thought processes which seem to reflect that it is genuine, to wit:

1. Ignoring the clear recent legal holding in the Obamacare ruling, and mischaracterizing it as a “tax case.”;

2. Reference to the Founder’s intents while ignoring recent case law;

3. Reference to Emer de Vattel;

4. Reference to Congressional intent while ignoring recent case law;

5. Reference to SCOTUS cases which predate later relevant cases;

6. The little face thingie logo;

7. The reference to being a “Constitutional Article II expert;

8.  The footer, Remember:  If You Fail Your Breathalizer, You Should Call Your Legal Adviser! ; and

9. The whole Universe of Ideas thing.

Sooo, I am just going to report and let you decide.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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