The Judge Does Not Hear MORIONS On Fridays (Or, Am I Still A Mentally Disturbed Zombie???)

Most Courts Cut Morions Very Little Slack

Well, my little post of yesterday about Orly Taitz Doesn’t Lose In Indiana, drew some flak from Dr. Orly Taitz, and some members of her Flying Monkey Squad. She must have taken a glance at the image and thought the guy was Hitler or something.  Here is the image from yesterday:

This is a picture of Ann Sheridan and some cop or Army officer pinning a badge on her.  Anyway, here is what was originally appeared on her website:

In fairness to Dr. Taitz, it looks like after being informed that it wasn’t Hitler after all, she removed the post. Hey, mistakes happen. But the very subject of Hitler provides a great segue into Spelling Nazis, which I am not one of. But IF I was, the third sentence below would be a great place for some Baby Goosesteps:

Here is the link to her Internet Article:

Sooo, Judge Kronstadt does not hear morions on Fridays. Uh, then what day is Morion Day??? I am sure we will soon find out. You just can’t make this stuff up. . .

Plus, I am sorry to hear that Dr. Taitz is sick.  Maybe it is all the peanuts???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: Here is a link to my Internet Article from yesterday:

Note 2. Spellings Nazis.  The Urban Dictionary defines the term as:

spelling nazi

a person who freaks out when a little spelling mistake has occured or has be a constant little asshole about it.

person a: here’s my thesis for the pythagoream theorem



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