SCOOP!!! Is This Orly Taitz’s Indiana Order???

Behind Every Great Dictator Is Somebody Who Takes Dictation

One of my Flying Monkey spies slipped this out to me. I am not sure if it is for real or not, but Girl Reporters have to take chances. If this really is the Order prepared by Orly Taitz for the latest Indiana hearing in Judge Reid’s court, maybe I can get a Pulitzer??? You can click on the pages to make them larger:

Here is a pdf file of the Order:

Taitz Indiana Order

Sooo, I am not sure if this is real or not. It does kind of have that “Orly Taitz” feel to it, and there are spelling errors and other Taitz mannerisms. Who knows??? I report, and you can decide.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. No, this is not Adolph Hitler. This is Charlie Chaplin from the 1940 film, The Great Dictator. I mention this because:


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24 responses to “SCOOP!!! Is This Orly Taitz’s Indiana Order???

  • John Wayne

    At Obama fundraiser in Chicago. Admission only $51, but room is half full. LOL LOL

    • Reality Check

      Hi RIO

      Since you tried to get around moderation and post the same un-sourced just earned a permanent ban on my blog. Congratulations Fake Retired [lacking in] Intelligence Officer!

    • Reality Check

      Fake RIO, aka fake John Wayne

      I see why you didn’t post a link to that claim and I am sure you picked it up from Sludge. The fundraiser was one of five successful ones held in Chicago Sunday. (A private one took in $40,000 each).This one was a youth event and was held at the Bridgeport Art Center. The tickets started at $51 but went much higher and the event was sold out.

      From Politico:

      “The Romney campaign seized on Kantor’s estimate, as spokesman Ryan Williams tweeted, “Thrill is gone.” The Drudge Report also piled on, linking to Kantor’s tweet, which has been reposted by a few hundred others. (Kantor quickly followed up with additional tweets noting that only some tickets to the event cost $51 and that the campaign said the event was sold out.)

      But the crowd for the afternoon fundraiser at the Bridgeport Art Center totaled 1,000, an Obama campaign official said – more than the 850-person estimate the campaign offered earlier in the weekend. Tickets for the Gen44 fundraiser, targeted at younger supporters, started at $51, but many were more expensive.

      And, to this reporter and several others in the White House press pool, the room seemed plenty full. There was empty space at the back of the large loft space during and immediately after the president’s remarks, but the crowd was densely packed to get close to the stage at the front of the room where Obama spoke.”

  • John Wayne

    With expectations high, a Sunday afternoon campaign rally in High Point, N.C. appeared to deliver for the newly formed Republican presidential ticket.

    Campaign officials for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney tell The Daily Caller that well over 10,000 people attended a campaign rally at High Point’s Absolute Style Furniture showroom Sunday. The campaign estimates that 1,200 people were inside the venue while another 10,000 were outside.

    The event, part of the campaign’s “Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class” bus tour, came a day after Romney named Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate.

    Read more:

    • G

      So what? BFD, really. Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan was a base pick, and therefore, would be expected to provide a desperately needed increase of attendance for his flailing campaign.

      However, all it serves to do is attract the very same ODS base that was planning to vote AGAINST Obama, regardless. For Romney to require a base pick in order to still shore up his support from that contingent is nothing but a sign of his own weakness within his own party.

      In this respect, the choice of Ryan for VP is similar to McCain’s selection of Palin in 2008. She too brought an initial surge of hard-core base energy to his sagging campaign and was able to draw large crowds.

      …Yet in the end, that selection didn’t work out too well for them. McCain/Palin were totally trounced at the polls, in the end.

      The lesson here is that you cannot just appeal within your own insular base in a manner that just turns everyone else off. That was a losing strategy in 2008, as it almost certainly will be again in this cycle.

  • davidfarrar

    I don’t know Squeeky, it look authentic to me.

    ex animo

  • orly taitz

    this is Orly Taitz
    a proposed order is a fake, this is clearly not my proposed order

  • realist

    Well, Squeeky, you didn’t have long to wait. Orly seems to think it looks real also. 🙂

    Warning! Obots are posting a nonsense fake proposed order for Indiana case

    Posted on | August 13, 2012 | No Comments

    I did not release the proposed order for Judge Reid. Obots are posting everywhere a fake order in order to discredit me. I believe that the person who posted it first, is one going by name “Squeky Frum”. Can someone ID and expose this obot?

  • jtmunkus

    Looks real to me. I can see why Orly’s concerned.

  • Dallasite

    Do we know if that was even the real Dr Taitz denining the order was really hers?

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