Princess Miki Dodges The Microphone Of Doom!!!

Miki Was Not Sure Which Frightened Her More – Lobo The Lab Assistant, Or The 47 Pound Microphone Suspended Over Her Head In A Seemingly Threatening Manner

WHEW, Princess Miki “The Mad Hawaiian” Booth , aka Miki Mouth, certainly had a close call with The Grim Reaper a few days ago in Claremore, Oklahoma.  Senator Tom Coburn was holding a town hall meeting, and of course Princess Miki glissaded in to see if anybody had found her missing brogan, er uh, glass slipper.

Ever the Drama Queen,  she had to run her mouth about Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse stuff, and apparently Coburn and the other people there got fed up with her perpetual mouthy ignorance. Here is a few excerpts from Red Dirt Report:

Booth said Coburn refuted nearly everything she brought up, saying that Social Security numbers are not by state (they were until Obama changed it) and then he pointed to the findings by and, affiliated with the Obama-friendly Annenberg Public Policy Center – dubious sources, Booth said, and overwhelmingly liberal.

As she tried to continue with her points, Coburn barked at her and said; “You don’t get to talk anymore! Ask your question. We’ve already wasted enough time on this and it’s not going to solve anything. There’s more important stuff to work on.”

Regarding the atmosphere in the town hall, Booth told Red Dirt Report that most people in the room were Coburn fans and that it was a “suck-up fest” and that many people were offended that Booth confronted their beloved member of Congress. Booth said people said nasty things about her and told her to “Shut up, bitch” among other things.”

Booth said Coburn allegedly replied that “We need to treat this as a ‘love’ thing. He used the word ‘love.’” She added that Coburn also held his microphone in a seemingly threatening manner.

Note, Coburn refuted nearly every thing she said, and still the ever-narcissistic Mad Hawaiian doesn’t get the point –   that she doesn’t have any points. Then there is this interesting statement:

She added that Coburn also held his microphone in a seemingly threatening manner.

Gosh, that sounds really scary!!! You know, being whomped upside the head with a microphone is one of the most dangerous situations a person can face. Karaoke  Bars even carry extra insurance to cover those who die during bad performances of Islands In The Stream, when angry patrons often grab the microphone and assault tone deaf singers.

But then I got to wondering what Coburn’s side of things might be. Perhaps Coburn was seeing this, a one-girl horde of ravening Birther:

Each Time Poor Tom Zapped A Zombie With The Microphone, It Grew A Miki Head

Who knows??? But at least she survived this terrible ordeal, and we will have Princess Miki to kick around some more.  In the meantime, the crowd gave her some great advice, and I quote them, “Shut up, bitch.”

Short. But. Piquant.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1: The Image. Best known as Ed Wood’s 1955 film, Bride of the Monster. About which, Wiki has a very interesting Internet Article:

Note 2. Karaoke Killings. Update. Reader DaveB pointed out in the comments below that there really are Karaoke Killings and fights provoked by bad singing and badder musical critics.  He provided a link to this fascinating Internet Article:

Thank you DaveB!!!


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