Taitz In A Lather!!! (Or, Don’t Buy A Moose In A Poke)

Ce N’est Pas Une Mousse???

Well, I sure feel like Mr. Beatty in the above cartoon. I have gone out and bought a moose, and come to find out it is really just an old nag with fake antlers. Yesterday, I published an Internet Article with what was purported to be Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.’s Order in her Indiana case, and come to find out, it is NOT the real thing after all.  That is what I get for trying to win a Pulitzer. Here is a copy of the Order I published:

Here is a pdf of the very clever forgery:

Taitz Indiana Order

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. was kind enough to come by here and point out that this wasn’t her work. I can understand her chagrin and concern that people would confuse this with her work.

She even ran her own Internet Article about this, which I screen-shotted:

Dr. Taitz is right to be concerned that people could mistake this for her Order. I understand her anxiety. Whoever the forger is, they were very good at their art, and they copied so many aspects of Dr. Taitz’s style and mannerisms, that it is easy to see how this could pass for her work. Nevertheless, I still feel like a complete “Gull E. Bull.”

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a cartoon from Jame’s Thurber’s 1931 book, The Owl in the Attic and Other Perplexities. My father had a book with these cartoons in it, and he used to read the cartoons to me when I was little. I remember giggling insanely. I was trying to find one about William The Trance Dog last night for another Internet Article I am working on, but it was very difficult since I could not even remember who the author was.  Finally, I found it, and the Moose cartoon above, at this really cool blog:


I will try to work some more of Thurber’s cartoons into future Internet Articles.

Note 2. Lathers and Mousses and Mooses. Well, these are word plays, some in French. The idiom “in a lather” means to be very anxious about something.  The French word for lather or foam is “Mousse.” Which is pronounced as “moose” which leads to the Image of a fake moose, and the caption, “This is not a mousse.” Which is a play on C’est ne pas une pipe from  Magritte’s Treachery of Images, about which you can read at Wiki:


Note 3. Don’t Buy A Moose In A Poke. A play on the idiom ” don’t buy a pig in a poke.” About which Wiki says:

The idioms pig in a poke and sell a pup (or buy a pup) refer to a confidence trick originating in the Late Middle Ages, when meat was scarce, but cats and dogs (puppies) were not.

A poke is a sack or bag. It has a French origin as ‘poque’ and, like several other French words, its diminutive is formed by adding ‘ette’ or ‘et’ – hence ‘pocket’ began life with the meaning ‘small bag’. Poke is still in use in several English-speaking countries, notably Scotland and the USA, and describes just the sort of bag that would be useful for carrying a piglet to market.


And, a poke is “to jab or prod, or stir (a fire) with a poker to make it burn more fiercely.  Which someone was doing a little poking when they created the phony Order.  OH, sometimes it ain’t easy being an INTP.


About Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

Hi!!! I am a Girl Reporter on the Internet. I am 34. Plus I am a INTP. I have a Major in Human Kinetics, and a Minor in English. I have 2 cats, and a new kitten! I write poetry, and plus I am trying to learn how to play guitar. I think that is all??? Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter View all posts by Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

20 responses to “Taitz In A Lather!!! (Or, Don’t Buy A Moose In A Poke)

  • Dave B.

    Well, at least Orly knows the difference between posting a nonsense fake proposed order and posting a genuine nonsense proposed order.

  • Dave B.

    Oh, and I don’t think I’ve told you lately how much I missed you…

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    Hi DaveB:

    Tee Hee! Oh, I sure am feeling silly for having fallen for the prank. I guess I was just “Pwned”. And thank you for missing me!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • realist

    Whew!! I’m glad she cleared that up. I had accepted it as genuine as well.

    But I just say, in my defense, I sent the pdf to my expert, who sells office supplies to legal firms, and he assured me it was legit. I feel so silly. He’s going to get an earful.

    • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

      LOL!!! I wonder how the forger got a hold of her stationery??? Plus, I was reading her site, and she called me “one of the nastiest Obots.” Was that a dig???

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    • RoadScholar

      I knew it wasn’t Orly. How?

      It was fun to read.

      Everything Orly writes is humourless, bordering on Kafka-esque (a word I deplore, but I couldn’t think of a better one). Also, the author almost tipped her hand and wrote “agency appeal thingy.”

      • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

        LOL!!! Looking back on it, the Happy Tooth maybe should have tipped me off. I mean, how likely is it that Taitz would use her office stationery??? I mean, she wouldn’t ever do something like that, would she??? Or start each item with “Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.” would she??? Or mis-spell “Plaintiffs”???

        Maybe the author was just trying to stay on the safe side of parody???

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    • davemuckey

      I dunno. People still have questions about this. Know what I mean?

  • realist

    True, Dave.

    Today she posted her FedEx receipts stating that she’d mailed her Proposed Order to the Clerk of the Count in IN. She did not, however, post the Proposed Order, so now we really don’t know whether it was real or not.

    Well, except that the Proposed Order weighed .55 (a little over 1/2) pounds. WTF? LOL Only Orly could propose a simple 5-6 page Order that weights over half a pound.

    Now, in her defense, perhaps she included her new Amended Complaint, which would account for the weight… maybe. But she didn’t state so, so I’m guessing it’s just the Proposed Order, in which case it must be a doozie!!

    It it her first attempt. But even with 50 attempt it would still be wrong.

  • Plutodog

    Orly may be embarrassed and denying that you got the scoop on the proposed Order. Until I see it proved false by authorities (yes, more than one is necessary) on fake pdf’s, I’m holding out on declaring the scoop is poop.

  • Monkey Boy


    That was very unprofessional of you to print an unverified document; I’m sure that it caused no harm because it didn’t ridicule Dr. Taitz, esq, realtor, wife and mother. But, if by chance, it had been stupid, it might have defamed Orly Taitz, esq., etc.

    Imagine if Dr. Taitz, esq., etc., printed something defamatory about someone prominent that was pure speculation and unproven? You Obots would be demanding that she face the jilatine(sic).

  • Yulia

    You are braindead Obot and stupid. Dr Taitz would never use her dentist stationary to write court papers. Dr Taitz, esq, wife, mother, and scourge of traders, will hold you accountable for this defame.

  • Reality Check

    I have heard Orly called many things but “scourge of traders” is a new one. 😆

  • Leonard

    Sqeky Foam, you have committed a gross calummy against a wondrous Patriot. By publishing a PURLOINED DOCUMENT that you had no authority to even SEE, let alone BROADCAST, you have caused much pain and suffering.

    I, therefore, challenge you to a round of fistingcuffs on the steps of the Illinois–no wait–Indiana state house. Should you decline due to the frialties of your gender, I propose a duel with 44 magnum revolvers across a hankerchief instead.

    Treason must not go unpunished.

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